The Deornan Calendar

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The Deornan Calendar

Post by Noshi187 » Fri 27 Oct 2017, 02:37

This is an idea that I've had floating around for a while now. Hopefully I'll be able to flesh out the world a little more (a lot more--this is the only thing I've made for Deorn/maybe Deorna), but I thought I'd share it with you all.

The Deornan calendar consists of 13 months, each with 4 7-day weeks, and a final day known as Dia. The special thing about this calendar is its symbolic significance--the cycle of months is thought to plot out the steps in a journey (the word Deornan is taken from journey). Much like a New Years Resolution, people typically create plans for the year in the first month, Berta, and make an effort to follow the path prescribed by the months ahead. Whether one succeeds or fails is less of a concern than the journey itself, but stepping out of line with the months is considered folly by most. There is also a sort of zodiac based on the months and days of the week, where the month in which someone is born shapes their core personality, and the day shapes the sort of impression they make on people.

The months, days, and their significance are as follows:

Berta: The Month of Setting. This is when plans are made, ideas are formed, and each person finds the goal they wish to accomplish for the year. Now is the time to dream big and follow ones passions. People born in Berta are said to be big-picture thinkers, daydreamers with an optimistic view of the future.

Espri: The Month of Work. This is when the plans that were made in Berta are acted upon. Now is the time to create a schedule and take action. People born in Espri are said to be practical and organized, with little tolerance for idling by.

Gorre: The Month of Conflict. This is when the first major hurdles and obstacles make themselves known. Now is the time to push ahead and remember that these setbacks are a sign that one is on the right track. People in Gorre are said to be determined, with a strong drive to compete and get into trouble.

Maless: The Month of Warding: This is when the troubles in Gorre grow even greater in strength. Now is the time to stay on guard and not press to far forward on your goal. People born in Maless are said to be natural protecters who are perceptive and skeptical.

Colheida: The Month of Reaping. This is when the first major successes in one's work are gained. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the fine things one has earned. People born in Colheida are said to be grounded and appreciate the finer things in life.

Rasorti: The Month of Study. This is when the goal shifts or becomes greater in scope. Now is the time to learn more and see what more can be done. People born in Rasorti are said to be jacks-of-all-trades, always eager to learn something new.

Medri: The Month of Healing. This is when flaws that formed in the early months make themselves clear. Now is the time to face unpleasant truths and fix any problems you may have before continuing. People born in Medri are said to be very caring people, but also bluntly honest.

Ansole: The Month of Relations. This is when one realizes they cannot continue their path alone. Now is the time to reach out to others for help and offer help of your own. People born in Ansole are said to be generous and dependent, placing strong priority on their relationships.

Urie: The Month of Judgement. This is when a critical decision must be made for one's goal. Now is the time to pause and consider your options carefully. People born in Urie are said to be solemn and analytical, with a very strong--though perhaps biased--sense of right and wrong.

Renha: The Month of Travel. This is when one's goal becomes less demanding for a time. Now is the time to take a break and focus on other activities. People born in Renha are said to be calm and unattached, with a love for new sights and places.

Sadio: The Month of Revival. This is when one must "revive" their progress and get started up again. Now is the time to set aside distractions and prepare for the final stretch. People born in Sadio are said to be active yet nostalgic folks, who tend to work in short bursts rather than long stretches.

Morita: The Month of Severity. This is when the hardest part of one's journey present itself. Now is the time to buckle down and work your hardest. People born in Morita are said to be very driven, and can become passionate about most anything.

Aval: The Month of Faith. This is when all that can be done has been done. Now is the time to step back--however hard that may be--and trust that things will work out. People born in Aval are said to be intuitive daydreamers who work best behind the scenes.


Orodia: Day for the Self. People born on Orodia are said to come off as confident or self-centered, with a desire for authentic identity.
Enedia: Day for the Other. People born on Enedia are said to come off as gentle or shy, and form strong platonic bonds.
Magidia: Day for the House. People born on Magidia are said to come off as loyal or apprehensive, with an us vs. them mentality.
Nisadia: Day for the Town. People born on Nisadia are said to come off as social or distractible, and love to learn new facts and information.
Laberdia: Day for the Nation. People born on Laberdia are said to come off as hard-working or conventional, and act altruistically.
Alsodia: Day for the World. People born on Alsodia are said to come off as accepting or compliant, with an idealistic view of life.
Uredia: Day for the Cosmos. People born on Uredia are said to come off as wise or cold, with a preference for large abstract philosophies.

Dia: The Day That Is. A day on which nothing needs to be created, altered, or destroyed, a day which belongs to no week or month. Now is the time to rest, to rid oneself of worries or doubts, to simply be in the world. There is nothing to be said of those born on Dia. It is a very lucky and awaited day in general, but a very unlucky day to be born, partly because it breaks the harmony of that day on which nothing is made, and partly because you'd be born on a day when nothing is supposed to happen--that can't be good.

Let me give you an example of the Deornan journey applied to a specific goal--writing a novel.

Berta: Hey, let's write a novel! That'd be cool! How 'bout we start outlining...
Espri: Ok, time to start writing the book. Here we go!
Gorre: Hmm... writing a book is hard... but I can do this.
Maless: Damn, this is pretty bad. Let's see, how can I improve this and write better?
Colheida: I just finished the 10th chapter! Woohoo, milestone! :D
Rasorti: The more I write, the more I feel like the theme of this book is different that what I planned... let's go with it!
Medri: How did I not see that this chapter throws off the flow of the whole book? I hate to throw it out, but I have to.
Ansole: Hey, could someone review what I've written so far? I could use a different set of eyes.
Urie: Oh no, where do I want the plot to go now? Agh, this is hard! Let me think...
Renha: Ok, the rough draft is done. Time to take some time off from this and do something else.
Sadio: Oh, yeah! That novel! Let's get back to that!
Aval: Ok... it's been published. Only time will tell how it turns out.
Dia: Wow, that's awesome! My book is doing really well! I wonder what I'll write next...
Man, that sucks. No one's buying the book I wrote. Oh well, I can do better next time...

I've been keeping track of the Deornan calendar in real time as well--as I'm writing, it's the 5th of Rasorti, on a Laberdia (as the 5th of every month is).

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of worldbuilding. Bye! [:D]
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Re: The Deornan Calendar

Post by Noshi187 » Wed 01 Nov 2017, 22:16

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Re: The Deornan Calendar

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