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Posted: Mon 19 Jun 2017, 16:27
by France12
)My conlang(
Lesson 1
Cegyeyÿacu is my personal conlag based on Esperanto, Oriental languages and a piece of fantasy. It's simply and funny and can be written with ideograms or with Latin alphabet!


/p t t͡ʃ k/ <p t c k>
/b d dʒ/ <b d g>
/f s ʃ/ <f s sh>
/v z ʒ/ <v z j>
/r j/ <r y>

/i y ɛ a u o/ <i ÿ e a u o>


-When y meets another y, the latter becomes ÿ like yÿa('s or of). When y meets j it sounds like ii (yju/ iiju)
-If you translate a personal name in this language, you have to modify the writing system:
-j is pronounced separated by other consonants with a little schwa æ.
Francesco becames Furanucesuko (add a u if two consonants touch)

Combinations table:

Bigrams and Vowels

A Ba Ca Da Ka Fa Ga La Ma Na Pa Ra Sa Sha Ta Va Ya Ja Za
E Be Ce De Ke Fe Ge Le Me Ne Pe Ra Se She Te Ve Ye Je Ze
I Bi Ci Di Ki Fi Gi Li Mi Ni Pi Ri Si Shi Ti Vi Yi Ji Zi
O Bo Co Do Ko Fo Go Lo Mo No Po Ro So Sho To Vo Yo
U Bu Cu Du Ku Fu Gu Lu Mu Nu Pu Ru Su Shu Tu Vu Yu Ju


Bya Cya Dya Kya Fya Gya Lya Mya Nya Pya Rya Sya Shya Tya Vya Yÿa Jya Zya
Bye Cye Dye Kye Fye Gye Lye Mye Nye Pye Rye Sye Shye Tye Vye Yÿe Jye Zye
Byo Cyo Dyo Kyo Fyo Gyo Lyo Myo Nyo Pyo Ryo Syo Shyo Tyo Vyo Yÿo Jyo Zyo
Byu Cyu Dyu Kyu Fyu Gyu Lyu Myu Nyu Pyu Ryu Syu Shyu Tyu Vyu Yÿu Jyu Zyu
Bja Dja Kja Fja Nja Pja Yja
Bje Dje Kje Fje Nje Pje Yje
Bjo Djo Kjo Fjo Njo Pjo Yjo
Bju Dju Kju Fju Nju Pju Yju

Every single latter, digram and trigram has got a means related to the "group" which contains it.

Vowels are numbers
A 1
E 2
I 3
O 4
U 5
Ÿ 10
J 0

101= AŸA

B is Nature
C is Peolpe
D is Emotions
K is Locations
F is Body's parts
G is Markers
L is Adjectives
M is Verbs
N is Classifiers
P is Particles
R is Pronouns
S is Time
SH is Movement
T is Second Classifiers
V is Complements
Y is Special Pronouns
J is Space
Z is Prepositions

There isn't a definitive article, but you can use number:
Ca= a woman/ the woman
A ca= one woman

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Posted: Mon 19 Jun 2017, 17:09
by opipik
I'd like to inform you that the correct term is conlang.

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Posted: Mon 19 Jun 2017, 17:50
by France12
opipik wrote:I'd like to inform you that the correct term is conlang.
Sorry, I'm using my mobile and it's a bit difficult typing...

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Posted: Tue 20 Jun 2017, 04:34
by eldin raigmore
France12 wrote:Cegyeyÿacu
)My conlang(
Kinda interesting! [:)]

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Posted: Tue 20 Jun 2017, 10:12
by France12
eldin raigmore wrote:
France12 wrote:Cegyeyÿacu
)My conlang(
Kinda interesting! [:)]
)My conlang(
Lesson 2

B and C groups:

B is Nature

Ba tree/plant/wood
Be fire/courage/flame
Bi water/liquid/energy
Bo air/aether/breath
Bu earth/base/ mud
Bya animal/being/ creature
Bye star/ light/ beacon
Byo day/ sun/ morning
Byu night/ moon/ evening
Bja metal/ rock/ steal
Bje sky/ up/ divine
Bjo field/ down/ earth
Bju cloud/ ensemble/ heap

C is People

Ca woman/ girl/ female
Ce person/ man/ male
Ci baby/ child/ little
Co home/ house/ room
Cu language/ word/ dialect
Cya harmony/ justice/ load
Cye food/ wheat/ bread
Cyo tool/ jar/ object
Cyu altar/ God/ spirit