Star Wars Universe Discussion [Split Topic]

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Re: Star Wars Universe Discussion [Split Topic]

Post by alynnidalar » Mon 22 Jan 2018, 18:10

The sidequest to the casino planet does seem a bit... or a lot... random.

But I do think it's important thematically, and if it or something like it hadn't been in the movie, it would've been missing something. It's the only part of the movie that shows something beyond either the Resistance/First Order or Luke being a hermit. It's the only part of the movie that shows people who honestly don't have a ton invested in either side; they may well prefer one side over the other, but they aren't an active part of either. And, obviously, it ties in with the theme of the spark that lights the fire--Finn and Rose showing up sparks the stable kids to release the not!horses, and it's strongly hinted that they're going to inspire the Force-sensitive kid--as well as the theme of Luke not being the last Jedi.

I wish it had been integrated into the rest of the movie better (and have more of an impact on the film's conclusion), and the not!horses are kind of... bizarre, but I don't think the planet could simply be excised without losing something important. So, I have mixed feelings on that whole segment.
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Re: Star Wars Universe Discussion [Split Topic]

Post by sangi39 » Mon 22 Jan 2018, 19:53

The Canto Bight story line seems like a wedged-in side quest, but I'd agree that it does fit in thematically, hope coming from unexpected places, things not as being as black and white as the earlier films showed us, failure on the part of the "good guys", and so on.

So it's not this random chase scene for the sake of a chase scene, but something that was a whole lot more, just not fit into the film very well.
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