linguistics knowledge requirement question

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Re: linguistics knowledge requirement question

Post by elemtilas » Wed 22 Jun 2016, 02:40

Khemehekis wrote:I recommend going to the CBB census thread:


and reading the grammars there!
Yes, it's up-to-date as of today with Inyi.

For any new folks with conlangs they'd like to list, check out the Census and send me a PM & I'll update the list!

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Re: linguistics knowledge requirement question

Post by Egerius » Wed 22 Jun 2016, 10:07

elemtilas wrote:
I make some important considerations regarding phonology during the first violent glossopoetic birthpangs. Don't doubt it. Yet, for me, the phonology changes over time. Period. And I have some conlangs with pretty conservative phonologies. Yet changes happen. Just like with natlangs.
Sure. Some of the changes are quite natural. Others are more along the lines of "oh, what the hell was i thinking there!? Aw, sheets and blankets, you mean I've got to schlep through a ten thousand word lexicon and a hundred pages of grammar two websites, a blog and who knows how many translation exercises, texts, stories and songs to change all those spellings!?!? :mrred: :mrred: :mrred: :mrred: :mrred:
I usually give the phonemic inventory some time to ripe and leave it relatively unchanged thereafter (that is, from a deus-ex-machine perspective; I still let it develop from Old X to Modern X, as I do with Southern Wínlandisc and Buonavallese).
Of course, the morphology/syntax does change, even at the same stage of a conlang, and then I don't change the old post just for the sake of updating it – I'll leave it as is (or add the updated version below the original), because then others can see how much work it was to get to the present state of the conlang in question.

And as you may have guessed, piecing together a phonemic inventory for a diachronically derived/evolving language is really a multi-step undertaking.
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Re: linguistics knowledge requirement question

Post by Curlyjimsam » Tue 12 Jul 2016, 21:22

I'd say it took two or three years from me first starting to make languages seriously to actually creating a reasonably good one. But it may well be possible to move faster than that. A lot of it comes with practice, and a lot of it comes with dedication - with not being content to stop at the basics but to press on creating more and more.

But there will always be more to learn. That first reasonably good conlang of mine was ten years ago, and I expect I could do a much better job now.
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