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Re: Lexicon sculpting

Post by Lao Kou » Thu 21 Jun 2018, 05:39

Void wrote:
Wed 20 Jun 2018, 23:24
Next: arjankhar [ɑrˈdʒɑŋχɑr] "fertile soil; land fit for agriculture"
arjankhars [ˌaɾdʒaŋˈkaɾs] n. weeding (removing of weeds), cleaning of mold (say, from bathroom grout); (by metaphoric extension) rooting out (of corruption)

arjankhazh [ˌaɾdʒaŋˈkaʒ] vti. weed (remove weeds (from + acc.), clean mold (from + acc.) (say, bathroom grout); (by metaphoric extension) root out (corruption)

Next: thfatoks [ˈθfatoks] n. inflation (of a balloon, stomach)
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