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Zapf - A Dingbats language

Post by KpTroopaFR » Sat 07 Jan 2017, 18:45

Please keep in mind that I am not a linguist, I just make conlangs for fun. This one is even less serious than the rest, and probably bad.

So this "language" uses the Zapf Dingbats/font as a writing system.


/ɑ b t͡ʃ ð, d ɛ/ <a b c d e>

/f g, ɟ x ɪ, j ʒ/ <f g h i j>

/k, c l m n, ŋ ɔ/ <k l m n o>

/p χ r s t/ <p q r s t>

/u v w, ɥ d͡ʒ j/ <u v w x y>

/z ʔ h ː/ <z . - '>


zapf lengo' - /zapf leŋgɔː/ - Zapf Language

-o'le, mi' .eso KpTroopaFR /* - /hɔːlɛ miː ʔɛsɔ kʰeɪpətɹupa ɛf ɑɹ/ - Hello, I am KpTroopaFR.

komo' .ese ? - /kɔmɔː ʔɛsɛ/ - How re you ?

.eso bene' /* - /ʔɛsɔ bɛnɛː/

*the slashes at the end represent full stops, since the period is already in use.

Writing system and samples :!AgaQHFJZTsCagRUtv_K_EU2v15mb
Edit: apparently onedrive doesn't support zapf dingbats and uses Wingdings instead. So look up zapf dingbats to see the actual alphabet.
All I've got for now, more to come.
Don't count on it too much.
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