British Romance Language Collab

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British Romance Language Collab

Post by gokupwned5 » Sun 05 Nov 2017, 14:32

Let's make a collab language! How it works is that all aspects of the language will be voted on, and there might be a little history-building involved. For this collab, we'll be making a Romance language descended from British Latin. Any proposals made for any questions will be added as an extra option. Votes will be counted weekly.

1) Will we be following the Spezia-Rimini line?
a) East
b) West
c) No

2) How will this language fare after the Anglo-Saxons attempt to invade?
a) It will exist in isolated pockets, the Anglo-Saxons win.
b) The Anglo-Saxons win, both languages will coexist, each being separate kingdoms.
c) The Romano-British people win, both languages will coexist, each being separate kingdoms.
d) The Anglo-Saxon language will exist in isolated pockets, the Romano-British people win.
e) The Anglo-Saxon language will go extinct, the Romano-British people win.

3) From what Latin term will this language's name be derived?
a) britannicus
b) britanniēnsis
c) britanniānus

4) What will happen to the Brythonic Celtic languages?
a) They will exist in isolated pockets.
b) They will coexist with this language.
c) They will go extinct, their only remnants being loanwords in this language.

You have until 23:00 UTC on Sunday, November 12, to vote.
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Re: British Romance Language Collab

Post by Salmoneus » Sun 05 Nov 2017, 17:35

Why would people collaborate with you on this, when they know that if they make any decision you don't like you'll just drop the thread and restart a "new" collaborative anglo-romance thread in six months time? In the same way that, you know, you just did, because you've already done exactly this thread six months ago before abandoning it?

More specific questions:

- as pointed out last time, the LS-R line is neither clearly defined (there are multiple distinct isoglosses there) nor the fundamental division in romance languages.

- as pointed out last time, "there is a manifest issue with framing questions in this manner. It's about as democratic as Communist Party shortlists". You may particularly want to bear this in mind as regards your third question...

- what does 2 even mean? What is "winning", if it's not related to survival and/or dominance of the language?
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Re: British Romance Language Collab

Post by Ælfwine » Sun 05 Nov 2017, 19:05

1.) b
2.) b, c
3.) a
4.) a, c
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Re: British Romance Language Collab

Post by IEPH » Mon 06 Nov 2017, 12:26

1) b
2) b
3) a
4) c
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Re: British Romance Language Collab

Post by shimobaatar » Mon 20 Nov 2017, 17:34

1: b
2: b c
3: a b c
4: a b
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