Sajem Tan Recruitment Drive

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Sajem Tan Recruitment Drive

Post by CodeTriangle » Sat 30 Jun 2018, 06:01

Duâ xanönfê Sajem Tanmöm, kecycnünâo!
The Common Honey Tribe greets you, internet friends!

Nirëkmon mu tan mu fmyvûkfê du žokâm om zanum dêâ.
We are a group of nerds that create a language together.

Smâ, fic sno dêâvmê möm kafmymfê möt xüm möšnemâ.
However, there are not many tribemembers in our tribe right now.

Jo, mu dêâvmê mûc javemfê doâ om töţimfê dêâ.
Therefore, we want you all to join our community.

Tanrücdê navnycukmunfê ţemüt.
There is more information under this speech.

doâ manfê möm doâvmê ţycamţnutê.
Thank you for your time.

The Sajem Tan Wiki, the fullest resource on our language:

Our Utilities Site, which contains our lexicon and a reference grammar:

Our Discord Server, on which most discussion/translation/general work happens:
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