Before I die...

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Re: Before I die...

Post by Nortaneous » Fri 28 Oct 2011, 09:05

Cordoma wrote:Nortaneous, Where did you get your influence for Proto-Kett? I can't tell if it looks more of an eastern european bent or of a welsh-ish bent... :|
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Re: Before I die...

Post by Ossicone » Wed 02 Nov 2011, 20:06

:con: Amjati:

Before I die I want to see the Royal Palace.
Miljer eladjajk zem zainer al so bremak eratjam.
miʎer elaʥ-ajk zem z-a-iner al so brem-ak eraʨ-am
before death-DEF.m.DAT 1sg.GEN 1sg-PRS-want INF see palace-DEF.m.ABS king-DEF.m.GEN

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miʎer   elaʥ-ajk         zem      z-a-iner      al   so   brem-ak           eraʨ-am
before  death-DEF.m.DAT  1sg.GEN  1sg-PRS-want  INF  see  palace-DEF.m.ABS  king-DEF.m.GEN
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Re: Before I die...

Post by Selinki » Sun 01 Apr 2012, 19:39

:con: Selinki
Korone kondecae je zajel lendle klegeinko et laczo
[kor"o:ne k"onDetsae je zaj"e:l l"enDle kl"e:z`I\Nko et l"a:ts`o]
Before process.of.dying-GEN I wish-1SG live-INF happy-ADV and long-ADV
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Re: Before I die...

Post by Iyionaku » Wed 22 Nov 2017, 11:10

:chn: Mandarin (attempt)

Wǒ sǐ zhīqián yào xué wán hànyǔ.
[ʊ̯ɔ˧˥ sɹ̩˨˩ ͡tʂɹ̩˥͡tɕʰɪ̯ɛn˧˥ i̯aʊ̯˥˩ ɕɥ̯ɛ˧˥ ʊ̯an˧˥ xan˥˩jy˨˩˦]
1SG die before want learn COMPL Chinese
Before I die I want to finish learning Chinese.
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Re: Before I die...

Post by GrandPiano » Mon 27 Nov 2017, 05:33

:jpn: Japanese

[ɕinɯ̟ᵝ máe ni | nihongo o peɾapeɾa ni hanasérɯ̟ᵝ jôː ni naɾitái]
Shinu mae ni, nihongo o perapera ni hanaseru you ni naritai!
shin-u mae ni | nihongo o perapera ni hanas-e-ru you ni nar-ita-i
die-NPST.AFF front DAT | Japanese DO fluent ADV speak-POT-NPST.AFF state DAT become-want-NPST.AFF.ADJ

Before I die, I want to be able to speak Japanese fluently!

(My glossing is a little clumsy here; in particular, the particle に ni has many functions, and I simply glossed it as DAT where I didn't have a better gloss. The morpheme that I glossed as POT has a meaning equivalent to English "can". Also worth noting that I'm pretty sure that the direct object particle を o in this sentence could be replaced with the subject particle が ga, as the patient of a potential verb is often marked as the subject even though you would expect it to be the object.)
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Re: Before I die...

Post by Alessio » Mon 27 Nov 2017, 11:23

:ita: Italian
Prima di morire, voglio vedere l'America.
/'priːma di mo'riːre, 'vɔʎʎo ve'deːre l‿a'mεrika/
prima di mor-ire voglio ved-ere la America
before than die-INF want.1SG see-INF DEF.FS America

:ita: Emilian - Dialàt Vgnulěṡ (Gallo-Italic local language)
Préma 'd murîr, a vój vàder l'Aměrica.
/'prĕmɐ‿d mʊ'riːr ɐ vŏi̯ 'văder l‿ɐ'meːrikɐ/
préma ed mur-îr a vój vàd-er la Aměrica
before than die-INF 1SG.ATONE WANT.1SG see-INF DEF.FS America

Yeah, apart from the explicit pronoun "a" the gloss is identical to that of :ita: Italian. This doesn't help when linguists try to convince common people that local languages are separate languages stemming from different branches than Italian. To them these are all "dialects". Yeah sure, they are, in fact this is Vgnulěṡ/Vignolese, a dialect of Emilian, not of Italian [:D]

:con: Hecathver/Häħadhvar
Jedelm ecspirat, ĵasse mirshut is Uniýzd Soÿvrāds.
/ʒe'dεɫm 'ε(k)spirat 'ʝasse mir'ʃut is uni'jizd sɔʏ̯'vrãː(n)ds/
jedelm ecspir-at ĵass-e mirsh-ut i-s Uni-ýz-d soÿvrā-d-s
before die-INF want-1SG see-INF.ACC DEF-ACC unite-PART.PAST-PL state-PL-ACC

And behold, here it is with the conscript!
:con: Hajás
Önujn wes näjnjüsnügü, icjélüi täkjenes en Ämérikän.
/'onui̯n wes 'nεi̯ɲysnygy 'itʃeːlyi̯ 'tεcçenes en 'εmeːrikεn/
ön-ujn wes näj-njüs-nüg-ü icjél-üi täkjen-es en Ämérikä-n
time-DIMIN than end-life-INSTANCE-OBL want-1SG see-INF DEF America-ACC

I hate distorting State names like this, but Hajás is quite strict on vowel harmony.

:con: Darezh
A futğa wefshutoğho irAmerika'ni wizmotoni rit.
/a futɢa wefʃutoʁo iramerikani wizmotoni rit/
a fut-ğa wef-shu-to-ğho ir-Amerika-ni wiz-mo-to-ni rit
1SG time-DIMIN end-life-INF-TEMP_ACC LOAN-America-ACC look-CONSEQ-INF-ACC want
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