Appearances can be deceiving

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Appearances can be deceiving

Post by Reyzadren » Sun 04 Feb 2018, 01:32

:eng: English
Appearances can be deceiving.

:con: griuskant

glaesh kon az kraji.
/'gleʃ 'kɔn az 'kradʒi/
appearance might is lie-A
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by Imralu » Sun 04 Feb 2018, 05:12

:tan: Swahili

Sura inaweza kudanganya.
sura i-na-wez(a) ku-dangany(a)
appearance(CL9/10) CL9-PRES-be-able GER(CL15)-deceive
The appearance can trick/fool/deceive.

(Expressed in singular in Swahili.)
Glossing Abbreviations: COMP = comparative, C = complementiser, ACS / ICS = accessible / inaccessible, GDV = gerundive, SPEC / NSPC = specific / non-specific, AG = agent, E = entity (person, animal, thing)
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by GrandPiano » Tue 06 Feb 2018, 00:44

:chn: Mandarin

外表可能具有欺骗性。 (simplified)
外表可能具有欺騙性。 (traditional)
Wàibiǎo kěnéng jùyǒu qīpiànxìng.
[waɪ̯˥˩pjɑʊ̯˧˥ kʰɯʌ̯˨˩nɤŋ˧˥ t͡ɕy˥˩joʊ̯˨˩ t͡ɕʰi˥pʰjɛn˥˧ɕiɤ̯ŋ˥˩]
wàibiǎo kěnéng jùyǒu qīpiàn-xìng
appearance possibly possess deceive-quality

Appearances may be deceiving. (lit. “Appearances may have deceptiveness”)
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by Iyionaku » Tue 06 Feb 2018, 13:06

:con: Yélian

Æ'valodasé dityadevet.
[əʋɐlɔ̈dɐˈseː dɨt͡ʃɐˈdeːʋət]
DEF.CONC=appearance COND-POT-deceive-3SG
The appearance can deceive.
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by Alessio » Wed 07 Feb 2018, 17:31

Italian has a variety of translations for this, but I'll go with the most literal:

:ita: Italian
L'apparenza inganna.
/lappa'rεnt͡sa in'ganna/
la apparenza ingann-a
DEF.FS appearance deceive-3SG

Others could be "l'abito non fa il monaco" (you don't tell that someone is a monk just because of their clothes) or "non è tutto oro quel che luccica" (not everything that shines is gold).

:con: Hecathver/Häħadhvar
Ħueskisd ħuescter.
/'kweskisd 'kweskter/
ħuesk-is-d ħuesk-ter
seem-VERB_NOUN-PL seem-3PL

Apart from being a tongue-twister, this sentence is also a wordplay around the fact that "appearance" is roughly translated as "what seems", thus the whole thing can be translated as "what seems (just) seems".
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by Parlox » Thu 22 Mar 2018, 23:19

:con: Bàsupan

Ka laqūn ashunuvotu yīnos.
Appearances can be deceiving

This sentence directly translates as "The true soul doesn't reveal itself".
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by marvelous » Wed 28 Mar 2018, 17:44

:epo: Esperanto

Ŝajno trompas.
/ˈʃai̯.no ˈtɾom.pas/
ŝajn-o tromp-as
seem-N deceive-V.PRSNT

:con: Igi

Appearances can be deceiving.
Luk ken lai.
[ɫuk kɛ̃ ɫaɪ]
luk ken lai
look can lie

:con: Setasutic

Setasutic says this non-literally via an old proverb that makes use of an archaic word and an archaic construction. Though its literal meaning is "it is possible for the deferent to kill," this is used generally with the meaning "appearances can be deceiving."

Appearances can be deceiving.
Semelisli sešedenik tâpâxâhu.
/se.meˈɫis.ɫi se.ʂe.deˈnik tɑ.pɑˈχɑ.ʔu/
se-melis-li se-šeden-ik tâ-pâxâhu
3SG.PRSNT-possibility-have person-deference-PL 3PL.PRSNT-kill

The archaicisms here are:
1. The use of melisli ("to be possible") for "can" is no longer ordinary; instead the suffix -lis- is added to the verb that "can be done."
2. Pâxâhu is no longer used for "kill" outside proverbs and deliberately archaic speech/writing; instead the (unrelated) verb â is used.
3. In its original meaning, sešedenik meant "kind person" rather than "deferent person." However, this does not significantly change the meaning of the proverb, especially as it is used generally to mean that appearances can deceive.
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Re: Appearances can be deceiving

Post by k1234567890y » Tue 10 Apr 2018, 21:39

:con: Lonmai Luna
marsa pan mepen de
appearance deceive INDEF
Appearances can be deceiving
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