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by Ave94
16 Jul 2014 05:23
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Topic: Guhir language
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Re: Guhir language

syllable: CV(C)(C), every syllable must be started with a consonant, every word that seems to start with a vowel actually starts with a glottal stop. Are there any restrictions on what consonant clusters are allowed in the coda? (e.g., would things violating the sonority hierarcy, like mapr , or th...
by Ave94
09 Apr 2011 03:21
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Topic: Minimal Phonology Challenge
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Re: Minimal Phonology Challenge

Am I allowed to add tonemes?
by Ave94
20 Feb 2011 17:05
Forum: Translations
Topic: Oh I can't! But you must!
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Re: Oh I can't! But you must!

In the French translation, could tu dois / vous devez have been used also?
by Ave94
23 Jan 2011 00:43
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Topic: Haven't you learned not to trust him?
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Re: Haven't you learned not to trust him?

:eng: Haven't you learned not to trust him? :deu: Hast du denn nicht gelernt ihm nicht zu (ver)trauen? :dan: Har du ikke lært ikke at stole på ham? :nor: Har du ikke lært å ikke stole på ham? :swe: Har du inte lärt dig att inte lita på honom? :lat: Nonne ei non confidere didicisti/didicistis? :esp: ...
by Ave94
21 Jan 2011 01:29
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Topic: Hello!
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Re: Hello!

:eng: Hello, hey, hi, howdy, good day :esp: Hola, buenos días :fra: Bonjour, salut :ita: Buon giorno :deu: Hallo, guten tag :nld: Hallo; familiar: hoi, goeiendag; formal: goedendag :dan: Goddag, hej, dav, hejsa, davs, halløj, halløjsa (ranging from formal through informal to slightly silly) :nor: Ha...
by Ave94
21 Jan 2011 01:20
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Topic: Don't kill me!
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Re: Don't kill me!

:eng: Don't kill me! :deu: Töte mich nicht! :dan: Dræb mig ikke! / Slå mig ikke ihjel! :nor: Ikke drep meg! :swe: Döda mig inte! /dø:da mɛj intɛ/ kill me not :fin: Älä tapa minua! :lat: Noli me occidere! :esp: ¡No me matas! :ita: Non mi uccidere! :por: Não me mates! :fra: Ne me tues pas! :ron: Nu mă...
by Ave94
21 Jan 2011 01:16
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Topic: The Cat and the Fish.
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Re: The Cat and the Fish.

:con: Taiwazaiho waihang he kaisu waihang nimzu. la yihe he tliyo sazu. la tlolheezu wes, la ho'an ka haawizu. tlim lam tee ngohu ka semnazu hulhazu. lam mehan yuu yatah lho semnazu he la to'on sehzu. mun taasem to'on kong ngom! lam kauha ngu semnazu he la seezo sehzu. mun taasem seezo kong ngom! la...
by Ave94
20 Jan 2011 04:43
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Topic: Taller and tallest!
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Re: Taller and tallest!

Taiwazaiho: He is as tall as me. tle ka naa ka kehmaku sa. 2SG to 1SG to tallness be He is taller than me. tle naa tem kehma sa. 2SG 1SG more tall be He is the tallest child. tle 'aha yetaiwa tem kehma sa. 2SG all child more tall be ka is a postposition which can be allative or dative in addition to...
by Ave94
20 Jan 2011 04:25
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Topic: Prepare to die.
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Re: Prepare to die.

:eng: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. :swe: Hej. Jag heter Inigo Montoya. Du dödade min far. Förbered dig att dö. :nor: Hei. Jeg heter Inigo Montoya. Du drepte faren min. Forbered deg på å dø. :deu: Hallo. Ich heisse Inigo Montoya. Du hast meinen Vater getoetet...
by Ave94
20 Jan 2011 04:16
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Topic: The Language of the Hawks (my first sentence)
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Re: The Language of the Hawks (my first sentence)



kiwau yuu tliingsa
[ˈki.wau̯ juː ˈtɬiːŋ.sa]
hawk GEN language
"(the) language(s) of (the) hawk(s)"

Figurative: (I'll prolly think of a much better expression later)

'e yuu yetliingsa
[ʔe juː jeˈtɬiŋ.sa]
two GEN DIMINUTIVE-language
"little language(s) of two [people]"
by Ave94
11 Dec 2010 19:27
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Topic: Conlang Relay 18
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Re: Conlang Relay 18

I'm interested! I've been thinking it would be fun to try one of these for a while now. I'd be using my taiwazaiho, and would prefer to follow an a priori lang.

EDIT: I PM'd you my info.
by Ave94
25 Nov 2010 05:08
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Topic: Money!
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Re: Money!

Question. How did people come to accept pebbles in exchanges? Ultimately a money has to have a popular use other than making exchanges in order to have any market value or widespread acceptance. Not really; most countries nowadays just use pieces of paper or round hunks of cheap metal with values w...
by Ave94
21 Nov 2010 04:04
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Hāla
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Re: Hāla

This reminds me in some ways of my lang Taiwazaiho. In taiwazaiho I have a similar animacy hierarchy that also affects word order. I have deity > human > animate > inanimate > abstract, with some natural forces in deity and some in abstract or animate, and most plants in inanimate. And the phonology...
by Ave94
10 Sep 2010 23:31
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Pasa Ge
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Re: Pasa Ge

by Ave94
09 Sep 2010 03:13
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Guess The Language!!!
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Re: Guess The Language!!!

Umm, that's not X-SAMPA...

X-SAMPA has no accents; it's ASCII only. And <'> is used for palatalization; I've never heard of a palatalized vowel.
by Ave94
09 Sep 2010 00:36
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Pasa Ge
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Pasa Ge

Two years ago we started a collaborative conworld project called Pasa Ge. It was an alternate history in which Alexander the Great doesn't mysteriously die, and goes on to conquer Illyria, Italy, and Carthage. Like many collaborative conworlds, the project died, but now we would like to revive it. T...
by Ave94
08 Sep 2010 02:16
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Tala, as Seen From Space [+Tutorial]
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Re: Tala, as Seen From Space [+Tutorial]

This looks awesome.

Your planet has two suns?
by Ave94
07 Sep 2010 01:28
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Topic: I love you
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Re: I love you

:con: Changshuo: saranghă la ( love-intensifier ENERGETIC) /sA4ANh{ lA/ :con: Quenya: melinyel (may not be romantic...)(love-1ps-2ps) /melinjel/ ( I am pretty sure ) :con: Ríhanen: Ih kuennen sissa. /i 'kwen:en 'sis:a/ :epo: Esperanto: Mi amas vin. :con: Esperanto sen Fleksio: Mi ami vi. :con: Rejis...
by Ave94
01 Sep 2010 18:11
Forum: Translations
Topic: I do but you don't
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Re: I do but you don't

What do you mean by anything? The French and German translations both mean "something".
by Ave94
29 Aug 2010 00:45
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Topic: Interesting stories behind your conlang.
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Re: Interesting stories behind your conlang.

I have a lot of words like this in taiwazaiho, for example: haihiil- "to have one's feet bound" kahawan "noose" sainii "cool" (not the temperature) yangko- "to gather, collect" With a lot of them you can't tell where they came from originally because of taiwazaiho's phonology and syllable structure....