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by conlangconstructor
06 Oct 2018 04:51
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Topic: Gudoghic (
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Gudoghic (

Gudoghic Kutʷuḥi [kʰʊˈtʷoħɨ] This is my final constructed language. I would like to dedicate this language to my two daughters, Bryleigh Nicole and Kinleigh Jayde. I, Cory Clark, am the luckiest father in the world. My conworld, Paga, has been featured on this forum, but unfortunately the visual asp...
by conlangconstructor
13 Jul 2014 02:37
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Topic: Metal Thread
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Re: Metal Thread

I've been listening to a new song called Levitation by Fallujah and it's pretty amazing. A blend unlike anything I've ever heard. It must be listened to from beginning to end! :)
by conlangconstructor
18 Dec 2012 06:46
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Topic: How to Add/Insert/Type Special Characters
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Re: How to Add/Insert/Type Special Characters

Am I the only person who uses ALT + code to type IPA? It takes a while to remember them, but I've memorized most of the ones I use the most. I find it incredibly easy and it works for me on Windows 7 with most programs that I use. Simply hold down ALT and type the numbers listed below. For example t...
by conlangconstructor
17 Nov 2012 08:47
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Topic: What are you listening to/watching?
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Re: What are you listening to/watching?

Это просто дождь...
Lambuzhao wrote:
conlangconstructor wrote:Don't Stop Believin' :)
The Voice!!
[<3] :mrgreen: [:'(] [<3] :mrgreen:

I wunder how the song would sound in my (and your) :con:
I dunno :). I know it would suck if it was me singing! :P
by conlangconstructor
13 Nov 2012 20:11
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Topic: Elections
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Re: Elections

The Ogorok Union is a multi-national federation that has free elections. Before you can understand the elections, you must understand the make-up of the federation. It is divided into four different types of members: constituent states, autonomous states, republics, and administrative regions. http:...
by conlangconstructor
01 Nov 2012 06:47
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Topic: What are you listening to/watching?
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Re: What are you listening to/watching?

Линия - Отдай

Unfortunately this band isn't together anymore. This is from their 2006 EP "Не жалея ни о чём."

Отдай — просто так делил не поровну
Вот я — ешь всего и нету голода
Открой — мне глаза в них так холодно
Умри — между нами ветер в стороны!
by conlangconstructor
30 Oct 2012 19:55
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Topic: Íslenzka [latest: 12. Vowels]
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Re: Íslenzka

Lol I totally came here expecting a conlang, but Icelandic is even better! I love this language, but I'm still learning to read and speak...and that's a little [O.O] .
by conlangconstructor
27 Oct 2012 00:36
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Topic: (Conlangs) Q&A Thread - Quick questions go here
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Re: (Conlangs) Q&A Thread - Quick questions go here

What are some ways in which a language could lose tone? I'm looking for a general, universal phonological change to occur. Here is my current idea. How does it sound? Vowel phonemes: /a i u/ with phonemic tone: rising, neutral, falling. /da˨˦/ - /da/ - /da˥˩/ /di˨˦/ - /di/ - /di˥˩/ /du˨˦/ - /du/ - /...
by conlangconstructor
22 Oct 2012 20:46
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Topic: Language Blog
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Re: Language Blog

I love that background! :) It kinda looks like a really cool forest of strange trees! I have one operational blog: . It's about the Russian language, culture, etc...basically anything to do with Russia. Unfortunately, I don't get to dedicate as much time to it as ...
by conlangconstructor
18 Oct 2012 03:29
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Topic: Pen Pal Stuff?
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Re: Pen Pal Stuff? is the best out there imo. I have found tons of Russian friends via this service. You can choose the language(s) you speak along with the ones you wanna learn. You pretty much promise to help them with their target language in return for help in your target language. I usuall...
by conlangconstructor
10 Oct 2012 20:22
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Topic: Prosody
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Re: Prosody

I haven't been a person to really ponder the idea of prosody for very long. I usually just create the word-level prosody and move on to other things. But I went through a short 'spell' in which I wanted to create "alien" languages. This involved a lot of thinking outside the box. I thought about thi...
by conlangconstructor
09 Oct 2012 03:44
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Topic: Linguistic Resources
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Re: Linguistic Resources

I'd really like some more in Arabic and Semitic languages. Here's all I have found: The Phonetics and Phonology of Semitic Pharyngeals: Syllables and Moras in Arabic: Romanization in Arab...