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by abi
27 Jun 2019 07:50
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Random Conworld idea thread
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Re: Random Conworld idea thread

I've been thinking up names for an interstellar current than just generic credits. I'm leaning towards the "uno." I got the name from the idea of the euro, used by many European countries, and the "uno" is supposed to be a universal currency, hence the name. Also, "uno" is the Spanish word for one,...
by abi
02 Jan 2019 19:25
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: English Dialects
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Re: English Dialects

Strange to see so many americans here with [ɚ] over a hard [ɻ] as I've always considered myself to have a bland, typical "midwestern" accent despite never having actually lived in the midwest (the few times I've been to Michigan people called me out on vocab like "y'all" and "soda" rather than accen...
by abi
02 May 2018 08:54
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: What language could this person speak?
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Re: What language could this person speak?

Obviously Java is short for Javanese and are from Indonesia, so probably Indonesian. [;)]
by abi
07 Aug 2017 05:27
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Is modern grammar writing simply better?
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Re: Is modern grammar writing simply better?

My biggest gripe is with grammars that use nonstandard conventions. A lot of old grammar and phonology texts have some weird transcriptions before the IPA was standardized (like ħ for ç), and even now I come across a paper or two that is well aware of the IPA but chooses not to use it for some esote...
by abi
16 Jul 2017 09:22
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Post-Modern English
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Re: Post-Modern English

I always thought it would be interesting if English develops "reverse" conjugation from the traditional european languages; instead of conjugation based on the subject (I have vs He has) we get it based off the object: -Haveme vs Haveya vs Havim vs Haver vs Havit, etc. or even more with palatals, -C...
by abi
20 May 2017 10:15
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: The Pogostick Language Game
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Re: The Pogostick Language Game

Manhattan > Berlin (also from general american to RP apparently!)

[mɛənhæʔn] > [m̃ɛnhɛʔn] > [ᵇm̃ɝnɪn] > [bᵐɚlɪn] > [bɚlɪn]
by abi
15 Apr 2017 19:06
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Funny Speech Quirks and More!
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Re: Funny Speech Quirks and More!

I don't really round any of my vowels. Like, they sound "rounded" yet my lips hardly move. I have a really hard time trying to speak german.
by abi
28 Dec 2016 18:37
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: If your conlang were a natlang...
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Re: If your conlang were a natlang...

Probably a native american language or some sort. Translation from the first bit of Wikipedia's entry for foxes: Lútaak sí wa yunʔ ɲúúɲee nééʔréyuurí yenhaat luɲee, wa seeʔ káán taahke nííhukwuuwáá tíírenluɲee. Luhré ʔaaklaak naakyaarí, héét kuutʔi ráátuuyaarí, heɲúúk yeeʔaanyaarísí, wa nuuyu heeʔu ...
by abi
20 Nov 2016 04:54
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: I want to learn another language
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Re: I want to learn another language

Why not Russian? Tons of speakers, many monolingual, lots of learning resources, lots of media (cartoons, movies, music, etc.), and the cool factor is pretty high. Foreign enough to seem different but still IE so it doesn't feel hopelessly alien.
by abi
21 Oct 2016 03:51
Forum: Beginners' Corner
Topic: Question about tonal languages.
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Re: Question about tonal languages.

You might find these interesting:
by abi
19 Aug 2016 10:50
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: I'm useless.
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Re: I'm useless.

I need to put down some classes--registration is still ongoing for about a week or two--but...why? Why am I going to college? Why am I doing this? You could always take a semester off, it's not like your credits instantly dissolve or anything. Take some time to build up money and collect yourself. ...
by abi
23 Jul 2016 11:02
Forum: Beginners' Corner
Topic: Word Order
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Re: Word Order

Depends on what you're going for. If you want a "normal" language then SVO or SOV is the obvious choice. But if it's a personal language or one that you don't mind being a little off the beaten trail then OSV is fine. I've found that some languages tend to just "fit" with certain word orders, even i...
by abi
06 Feb 2016 17:09
Forum: Beginners' Corner
Topic: Conlanging through Translation
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Re: Conlanging through Translation

I usually come up with a phonetic inventory, orthography, grammar outline, about 50-60 words, and a few dozen simple sentences to get a feel for the language before I start translating. Translating for me is mainly a way to get common vocab and derivation without slogging through lists of "most comm...
by abi
23 Jan 2016 23:56
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: English without GVS?
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Re: English without GVS?

Aleks wrote:Rolled R would definitely spice it up.
Considering rolled is the standard/more common "r" sound, I'd say english has the spicier phoneme. Combine that with our lovely /T, D/ and vowel system and I'd say we have a pretty flavorful language here.
by abi
01 Dec 2015 23:05
Forum: Beginners' Corner
Topic: Reforming Ido - Worth the Effort?
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Re: Reforming Ido - Worth the Effort?

The elimination of "tu" (the "personal" form of 'you,' used only in French so far as I know) Formal vs Personal you is pretty much used in all IE but english, and exists in many non IE languages as well. Also variants of "tu" is universal in european languages, again, except english. (Germanic "du"...
by abi
14 Nov 2015 23:56
Forum: Translations
Topic: Blank Space
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Re: Blank Space

:con: Mihok Translation 1: Ńoiternasle mohai kogi vanas nekut. ń Ø.mohai Ø.kogi vanas si.nekut want.hold.PRES.COND NOM-M.boy like NOM-N.torture Boys only want love if [love] is like torture. Translation 2: Ńoiternas namohai cekogi, la jesassi nekut. ń na.mohai cekog...
by abi
17 Oct 2015 22:09
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: What should I translate into my conlang
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Re: What should I translate into my conlang

I'd recommend against translating poetry as its very language specific and usually allows for non-standard grammatical formations. After your language is fairly "complete" (grammar functional, large and diverse vocab) would I start doing poetry. I find small, straightforward texts like Schleicher's ...
by abi
05 Aug 2014 06:34
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Langauge myths that persist on the Internet.
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Re: Langauge myths that persist on the Internet.

When used to have forums there was a topic on American vs British English. There were a couple posters who insisted that American English was fundamentally wrong because English evolved in England and it belonged to them, we American's where just screwing it up. I find that even among Am...
by abi
16 Jun 2014 02:18
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Metal Thread
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Re: Metal Thread

Anyone have any recommendations for more stuff like this? Wolfchant: Sonata Arctica: Helloween: Here's some miscellaneous metal for no one in particular: Xenomorph (de...