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by Yagia1
31 Mar 2019 00:01
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Topic: Conlang Conversation Thread
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Re: Conlang Conversation Thread

Dé atio tama intou? Diprénima rapta fé risa yésasse?
For what (reason) there you-did-go? Just curious how warm it-would-make?
Why did you go there? Just curious how hot it would be?
by Yagia1
18 Mar 2018 22:36
Forum: Translations
Topic: It only snows in the north, but it rains everywhere.
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Re: It only snows in the north, but it rains everywhere.


"Sova da disénio éca Sétrou lovéni, tasima lo té soio tépidi"
/only (by exclusion) in North snow PRES 3sg, but over all rain PRES3sg/
by Yagia1
30 Nov 2014 15:45
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Topic: CBB Lexicon Building
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Re: CBB Lexicon Building

Avjunza wrote:Next: execute
sirgara (to execute a task)
ésincrara (to execute a movement)
di tarvo proponésara (to put a prisoner to death)

next: scheme, project
by Yagia1
24 Nov 2014 00:30
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Topic: What did you accomplish today?
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Re: What did you accomplish today?

I changed a very important word: YES. It used to be gani in my conlang but for quite some time I did not like that. I took the liberty to change it into lagio ['la jo]. I modified my dictionary and phrasebook accordingly. Now I think I am finally satisfied.