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by Aseca
28 Mar 2015 04:20
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Conlang Conversation Thread
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Re: Conlang Conversation Thread

Imralu wrote:kka jehe na xi tuita
be.NEG use NOM.1s.MUJA ACC.3s.DEF.INAN.REL be.Twitter
I don't use Twitter.
Kaan cha. Tuitaz omnaaria ha kshaiai.
1sbj also. Twitter.sbj nothing-do.adj REL opine.1psn
Me too. I think twitter is boring.
by Aseca
03 Sep 2014 11:47
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: What did you accomplish today?
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Re: What did you accomplish today?

I accomplished learning more signs from being exposed to friends who only sign to each other because they can't hear. I already know enough to say basic sentences - and it has only been like nearly two weekends of being fully exposed. Boy, my head had been swimming from the information overload. It'...