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by sqéxe
09 Feb 2013 11:52
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Topic: NA anthro
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Re: NA anthro

I'm primarily interested in the Thule, Inuit and the cultures that are within British Columbia. I'm hoping to base my con-culture with a mix of Inuit and Shuswap, with some Asian influences too. :)
by sqéxe
25 Jan 2013 10:32
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Topic: What are you listening to/watching?
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Re: What are you listening to/watching?

Aurora - Thornstone. (Greenlandic.)
by sqéxe
25 Jan 2013 10:08
Forum: Translations
Topic: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!
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Persneska boðberi: Þessar er guðlasts! Þessar er brjálæðis!
Konungs Leonidas: Brjálæði? Sparta er þetta!

...I don't speak it well, so forgive any mistakes. Takk ^^;
by sqéxe
25 Jan 2013 09:34
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Topic: Greetings
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Re: Greetings

Icelandic is as following (from what I know): Hæ (Quite informal), based off "hi" in English. Following are based on genders: (Komdu) Sæll / (Komdu) Sæl (fem) - Hi. If "Komdu" is added with sæll/sæl, the literal translation turns into: "Come Happy" (Komdu) Blessaður / (Komdu) Blessuð (Fem) - Another...
by sqéxe
25 Jan 2013 08:52
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Are your main conpeople human or of a different species?
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Re: Are your main conpeople human or of a different species?

Mine are human, mostly First Nations/Inuit decent before the other settlers came. So extremely nomadic..

Original, I know. I haven't thought of it through a lot.
by sqéxe
22 Jan 2013 10:55
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Topic: Introduction thread(s)
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Re: Introduction thread(s)

Hæ, Ég heiti Phil. Ég er frá Tasmania (í Australia) og ég bý í Kanada. Ég er 25 ár.

Bad Icelandic, but eh. I thought I´d introduce myself. Bless bless! ^^
by sqéxe
22 Jan 2013 10:36
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Topic: Your username
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Re: Your username

I always saw myself as a dog. Then I learned how to say 'Dog' in Secwepemctsín.

Here, I am wagging my tail in excitement when I meet all of you. [xP]

tldr; Sqéxe means dog in the Secwepemctsín (Shuswap) language spoken by 250 (or so) people in southern British Columbia.
by sqéxe
22 Jan 2013 10:27
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Topic: You
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Re: You

Wétyk~! Alias(es): Sqéxe/Nannaqtaq/Flugufrelsarinn/Uqalik/Greenlandick/Taz [xD] Location: Williams Lake, BC. Date of birth: 23rd Nov/1987 Gender: Male Occupation: Denny's [¬.¬] Interests: First Nations/Aboriginal anthropology/linguistics, conlanging (lol), psychology, spirituality... Favorite music:...