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by CodeTriangle
30 Jun 2018 06:11
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: griuskant conlang thread
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Re: griuskant conlang thread

And you're doing all of this by yourself? This is incredibly impressive and well done.
by CodeTriangle
30 Jun 2018 06:01
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Sajem Tan Recruitment Drive
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Sajem Tan Recruitment Drive

Duâ xanönfê Sajem Tanmöm, kecycnünâo! The Common Honey Tribe greets you, internet friends! Nirëkmon mu tan mu fmyvûkfê du žokâm om zanum dêâ. We are a group of nerds that create a language together. Smâ, fic sno dêâvmê möm kafmymfê möt xüm möšnemâ. However, there are not many tribemembers in our tri...
by CodeTriangle
08 Dec 2017 07:10
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: A Reference Grammar of Sajem Tan
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Re: A Reference Grammar of Sajem Tan

Heyo. I'm Thethat (or Wind) from the Sajem Tan Tribe. I made an account to discuss this post. Let's go ahead and read through this. IMPORTANT: It should also be noted that some of the information in the version of the grammar posted is inaccurate. A more correct version is at this updated reference ...