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by moshmo
03 Mar 2018 21:36
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Topic: What are you listening to/watching?
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Re: What are you listening to/watching?

I just finished up N. K. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy. It's good, and I recommend it. I rather hope the third book wins the Hugo for Best Novel this year. Nice. I just started The Fifth Season. I haven't quite caught onto the world yet but I'm definitely intrigued. This Welsh song, "Dacw Nghariad...
by moshmo
03 Mar 2018 20:53
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Introduction thread(s)
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Re: Introduction thread(s)

Hey, so I've been using this board for reference while I get started, but I thought I'd go ahead and sign up and say hi and maybe ask a question or two if they arise. I've got a couple of weeks and a few hundred words in on my first conlang, Líosa, which has been a massive learning experience. Basic...