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by Bruce
21 Mar 2018 15:49
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Font resources for your conscript
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Font resources for your conscript

When it comes to creating a con-script, one of the greatest obstacles present is the inability to display individual graphemes as anything other than as a picture, whether it be .jpg or .png. A software program to resolve this would have to tackle two problems: 1. The program would have to be able s...
by Bruce
18 Mar 2018 23:32
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: What are you listening to/watching?
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Re: What are you listening to/watching?

I'm listening to Graham Plowman's The Rats in the Walls. Plowman specializes in Lovecraftian music and his music creates an eerie effect through the use of synthesizers and theremins(?).
by Bruce
18 Mar 2018 03:26
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Introduction thread(s)
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Re: Introduction thread(s)

I'm Bruce. I have always been interested in linguistics and the construction of languages ever since I was a kid. This was partly due to having to learn Mandarin Chinese as a second language and Spanish in school. Recently, my interest in languages and conlangs has been rekindled due to finding abou...