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by abi
29 Sep 2010 05:36
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Hated Phonemes!
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Re: Hated Phonemes!

I don't generally like laterals, mostly because I find it very hard to pronounce them. Especially /ɬ/ 'cuz its so damn common.

I also can't stand /e/, it sounds so ugly.
by abi
22 Sep 2010 23:10
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Favorite Phoneme!
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Re: Favorite Phoneme!

Either /v/ or /ð/ (with /k/ as a really close second).
by abi
12 Sep 2010 02:35
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Disk jockeys and tree surgeons
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Re: Disk jockeys and tree surgeons

An athlete is not from Athens?
by abi
04 Sep 2010 00:19
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Bad Translator
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Re: Bad Translator


...56 translations later we get:


My hovercraft is full of eels"

...56 translations later we get:

"Solid aerogliseur"

"I don't know."

...56 translations later we get:

by abi
03 Sep 2010 05:46
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Pronunciation Pet Peeves
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Re: Pronunciation Pet Peeves

Some people in texas pronounce "further" as [fʌðərɹ]. It always annoys me because they pronounce everything else "normal" except that one word which makes it stick out.
by abi
27 Aug 2010 01:31
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Languages that dont distinguish nouns adjectives verbs etc..
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Re: Languages that dont distinguish nouns adjectives verbs e

yeah, English does the same thing infact i've been looking at english alot to determine how to solve my ambiguity problem (unable to tell if the word is meant to be a noun verb adjective adverb or w/e). but i've run into a bit of a snag since there are no articals (which convienently mark nouns in ...
by abi
26 Aug 2010 19:13
Forum: Translations
Topic: Schleicher's fable
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Re: Schleicher's fable

Quick question, does this story mean anything? Is it supposed to have some sort of "message" or advice within it, or is it just some made up story to demonstrate how PIE would sound and feel like? The ending just feels, abstract and nonsensical to me.// :-(