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by Toko
10 Apr 2012 17:16
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Topic: He is...
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Re: He is... He is a fisherman kav zho nje svjebuk be-trade 3S-male (subject marker) fisherman zho nje svjebuk 3S-male (subject marker) fisherman He is strong. kul zho nje shtaz be-trait 3S-male (subject marker) strong zho nje shtaz 3S-male (subject marker)...
by Toko
09 Apr 2012 09:32
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Topic: Ey Mann, wo is' "Mein Kampf" !?
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Re: Ey Mann, wo is' "Mein Kampf" !?

Image koy, buz, "Mein Kampf" ka?
hey dude "Mein Kampf" where?

I prefer keeping the title intact, but for a complete translation:

koy, buz, "Kozka Tje" ka?
by Toko
09 Apr 2012 08:18
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Topic: I don't understand what you're saying. Speak English!
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Re: I don't understand what you're saying. Speak English! Zelsen: ko zo nje jatj bu tje. jvo khzayskje sha'b! NEG understand (subject marker) speech 2S personal. speak Zelsen (adverb maker) 2S The more informal 2S bu is used here because it seemed like the speaker was shouting rather than asking polit...
by Toko
05 Apr 2012 22:41
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Topic: My hovercraft is full of eels.
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Re: My hovercraft is full of eels.

Image Zelsen:

kuv svay sha loyvat lozhj na tje nje ukaljevj ju
be full (adverb) autoboat hover (description) personal (subject) eel about
by Toko
05 Apr 2012 14:51
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Topic: Affixes hatred
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Re: Affixes hatred

utje zhushj sovyzhj nje tovj ta shtagj zhj'nje zhuvj. 10 words, 11 syllables Image Zelsen
already run-about young-female (subject marker) tree also kick 3S-female (subject marker) ball
by Toko
04 Apr 2012 02:11
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Topic: The girl thinks people are good
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Re: The girl thinks people are good

Image Zelsen:

zje sovyzhj nje kul kuvj lavo
believe young-girl (subject marker) be people good
by Toko
04 Apr 2012 02:05
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Topic: How are you?
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Re: How are you? Zelsen: asu'b? (general, more familiar) be 2S as nos? (more formal) be 2S There's numerous distinctions in verbs depending on what specific aspect of how a person is you are inquiring, but as (which normally defines emotional states of being) i...
by Toko
04 Apr 2012 01:57
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Topic: Bad Wolf
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Re: Bad Wolf Zelsen: os nje Kjev Kavo . havj nje svu. ak nje vas. shtukj nje'chj yl kol yta khoy. lukh yn tje svu kychj'lo ju be-named (subject marker) Wolf Bad. create (subject marker) REFL. take (subject marker) word. scatter (subject marker) it time spac...
by Toko
26 Mar 2012 15:56
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Topic: My mother made me supper for my birthday.
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Re: My mother made me supper for my birthday. Zelsen: kda toshj muzhj tje nje tje havjdava ju /k da to ʃʲ mu Ʒʲ tʲe xavʲ da va ju / evening prepare-meal mother personal (subject marker) personal birthday about Direct phrasing for different meals like "breakfast", "lunch", "dinner" aren't a...
by Toko
23 Mar 2012 06:48
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Topic: Woodchuck
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Re: Woodchuck Zelsen: dyvje shtakj tynyvj nje tovach pa'bj, dyvje shtakj tynyvj nje tovach dovo A woodchuck could throw how much wood if a woodchuck could throw wood? dyvje shtakj tynyvj nje tovach pa bj able throw groundhog* (subject marker) wood how-much t...
by Toko
20 Mar 2012 17:21
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Topic: Pictlingo
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Re: Pictlingo

Thakowsaizmu wrote:So far I think the thing I like best about this is the random Chocolate Rain lyrics upside down on one of the pages.
I'd like to see them written in Pictlingo.
by Toko
20 Mar 2012 16:43
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Topic: Reflexives
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Re: Reflexives Zelsen: lovyshj I wash (something). wash lovyshj nje svu I wash myself. wash (subject marker) REFL lovyshj zho He washes (something). wash 3S lovyshj zho nje svu He washes himself. wash 3S (subject marker) REFL Saying something like lovyshj nje...
by Toko
20 Mar 2012 16:12
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Topic: "Like button"
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Re: "Like button"

In Zelsen, simple as: sova /so va / "I like it." edit: oh and, sova bu'kj (<so va bu kʲ>) would be the preceeding question "Do you like it?", or sova nos'kj if you want to be a bit less familiar about it. Maybe sova b'nje tu'kj ("Do you like this ?"), depends on how you want to phrase it. another ed...
by Toko
19 Mar 2012 02:53
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Topic: I was walking in the forest...
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Re: I was walking in the forest...

sdov kho utje gyzh yluvj kushj tovysay nje hjeshj tje ylje forest in already walk while fall branch (subject marker) head personal into While I walked through the forest, a branch fell on my head. Notes: tje - lit. "personal", but also marks possession (bu - you, bu tje / butje* - your) and somewha...
by Toko
19 Mar 2012 02:38
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Topic: I'm here for Holmes.
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Re: I'm here for Holmes. Zelsen: (A) ka nje Khom ju. (ka nje jvo Khom ylo ju) First implies you are here to do something with Holmes (here presented as Zelsen phonologically similar name "Khom"), the second specifically states you are here to talk with him. be (subject...
by Toko
05 Mar 2012 20:52
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Topic: Happy Birthday!
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Re: Happy Birthday! Zelsen dakoy havydava! dak ɔɪ xav da va merry (day of birth) dakoy is a common word used to wish people a happy celebration, from the verb dakosh' meaning to celebrate .
by Toko
22 Feb 2012 08:55
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Topic: Sorry, I don't speak...
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Re: Sorry, I don't speak... Zelsen: svuk’, ko-sh’nje zjet’ hzayskje ju. osh’ nos nje zjet’ ynljeskje ju k’? pardon, no have (subject marker) fluency Zelsen about. have 2S(formal) (subject marker) fluency English about (t...
by Toko
22 Feb 2012 08:45
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Topic: Oxford Comma
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Re: Oxford Comma

No ambiguity here in Zelsen , there's an obvious distinction between inviting the three different parties and inviting two parties who are something. 1. vga s'nje shkushyk "Je Ev Kje" "Stalyn" yta. invite 1P (subject marker) professional.strippe...
by Toko
10 Feb 2012 20:38
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Topic: Of course...
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Re: Of course... jvo nje zho ylo to "yk nos nje lzhyz svu tje m'" I said to him, "Why are you hitting your wife?" speak * 3SGM toward QUOT hit 2SG-formal * wife ** POSS*** why jvo zho nje to "ko yk no...
by Toko
02 Feb 2012 03:29
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Topic: Kinder Surprise Warning
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Re: Kinder Surprise Warning Sok'! Sjesh' nos ta akje nos: Ko vysh' dol sovyk sos k has hje l sosh' nje tokut vog' l' nje ysay bo voch' l' nje ch' kolje Danger! Read and keep: Children less than three years of age are not allowed to play with this toy It is likely they will swallow ...