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by Click
28 Jan 2012 11:27
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: What languages do you speak?
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Re: What languages do you speak?

Native :hrv:
Advanced :eng:
I want to learn Icelandic,Modern Greek and Latin.
by Click
25 Jan 2012 13:35
Forum: In other languages
Topic: Srpskohrvatski Jezik
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Re: Srpskohrvatski Jezik

Ili srpskohrvatskobosanskocrnogorski jezik ako baš treba.
Ovo je za njega.
Razgovarajte, 'ajdete!
by Click
22 Jan 2012 09:42
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: Guess The Language!!!
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Re: Guess The Language!!!

Indo-Iranian for me.
by Click
21 Jan 2012 12:28
Forum: Linguistics & Natlangs
Topic: How do you pronounce Google?
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Re: How do you pronounce Google?