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by greatbuddha
03 Aug 2015 03:30
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Metin "Demonstratives", Prepositions, and Locative Stuff
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Metin "Demonstratives", Prepositions, and Locative Stuff

With some inspiration from the definite articles of Mexico's Seri language and the directional verb prefixes of countless American languages (and the addition of many features I'm not sure exist in a natlang), I have crafted a massive, bloated "demonstrative" system for Metin that displaces in part ...
by greatbuddha
11 May 2015 23:24
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Immortality in a conworld
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Re: Immortality in a conworld

After a few years of pondering I have been considering the consequences of an interesting twist on the conpeople being ageless What if the advanced consociety that created these immortal people collapses and the people regress into the neolithic age? They'd inherit their eternal youth through reprod...