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by Egerius
13 Sep 2013 23:14
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Collective Conworld?
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Re: Collective Conworld?

If I am allowed to join, as well, the geographical claims are encircled in black. Further notices: The inhabiting population consists primarily of these (also created with Spore): A sentient evolution of chinchillas (yes, sentient rodents [>:)] ), mostly b...
by Egerius
13 Sep 2013 18:31
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Random phonology/phonemic inventory thread
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Re: Random phonology/phonemic inventory thread

Phonology of Romanz , sixth/seventh century AD: Consonants Nasals /m n ɲ ŋ/ Plosives /p•b k•g/ Fricatives /β f•v ð•θ s•z ʃ•ʒ x•ɣ/ Affricates /ʦ•ʣ ʧ•ʤ/ Approximants /w j/ Flaps/Taps /ɾ/ Trills /r/ Lateral approximants /l ʎ/ Vowels /i e ɛ a ɔ o u/ Diphthongs /jɛ, wɔ, aj, aw, ew/ • = contrast between u...
by Egerius
13 Sep 2013 15:02
Forum: Anthropology, Culture & History
Topic: National Anthems
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Re: National Anthems

Top three: Polish, British and US. And the German anthem... is the German anthem [socially/historically awkward meme] and I honestly think it's lame. It's lame and starts with the third stanza to end with the third stanza... instead of inventing a new first stanza... duh!
by Egerius
13 Sep 2013 14:54
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: What kind of conlanger are you?
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Re: What kind of conlanger are you?

Hmm... let me think... Ah, yes, I'm probably like my iMac here, all in one: Working on the part of the conlang which I currently want to be usable = perfect, while ideas flash before my eyes to bring it into a full context (like a con-island located west to Sardinia, housing three dialects springing...
by Egerius
13 Sep 2013 11:25
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: What did you accomplish today?
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Re: What did you accomplish today?

I try to bring some chronical order into the sound changes of Romanz. Since any indication is vague and I only seem to find material for Castillian and not for Italian, progress is slow and single-sided. [:'(] :mrred:
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 22:19
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Language practice thread
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Re: Language practice thread

Es ist normal, dass Filme und Zeichentrickserien der Kindheit mit dem Erwachsenwerden langweilig werden... leider. [:(] Es normal, que las películas y las series animadas van a ser aburridas con la adolescencia... infortunadamente. [:(] Jest normalne, że filmy i seriale animowane z dzieciństwa stają...
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 22:06
Forum: Deutsch
Topic: Rumhängethread
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Re: Rumhängethread

Und zwischendurch gibt's hier einen Neuen. Egerius an Bord, ich weiß eigentlich nicht, was ich sagen soll, ohne das "Thema" abzuhacken... [O.O] Nun ja, ein deutscher Sprachenbastler-Verein (De-Spra-Ba e.V.?) wäre nicht so schlecht. Wenn jemand ein Logo verlangt, gibt's schon den ersten Freiwilligen ...
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 21:53
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: What languages do you speak?
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Re: What languages do you speak?

:deu: Native - though I wish I wasn't (for historical reasons and for the reason below) :pol: Native, but the lexicon is incomplete and the grammar is a bit germanized -.- :eng: { :uk: :usa: } Few errors (at least, that's what they said at school), pronunciation nearly accent-free :esp: Worth practi...
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 21:27
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: You
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Re: You

Ok, specifying Modern French (Old French two case system Y DID U NOT SURVIVE?/FTW!). And I think it's sure confusing when a word is still spelled the Latin way, but only a single letter is pronounced...
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 21:20
Forum: In other languages
Topic: Po Polsku
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Re: Po Polsku

I tu nowy polak...
Dzień dobry!

Czasami moja ortografia i gramatyka nie są w normie, ponieważ żyję w Niemczech i tylko używam języka polskiego w czasach ferii i wakacji, które spędzam w Polsce.
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 20:54
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: You
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Re: You

Alias(es): Markus (in the real world, at least, this is what I am called primarily) Location: Germany - you don't need to know more Date of birth: Sep/29/93 Gender: M Occupation: lazynator - occupation in hiatus Interests: Macs, romance languages (except maybe French), calligraphy Favorite music: M...
by Egerius
12 Sep 2013 20:40
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Introduction thread(s)
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Re: Introduction thread(s)

And a newcomer overtakes the... well, nevermind. I'm Egerius, freshly stumbled upon this forum and I'd rather choose an era of peace and worldwide wealth.