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by Iyionaku
25 May 2014 15:03
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Topic: Lexicon sculpting
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Re: Lexicon sculpting

Linguifex wrote:
Next: łǎqg’ǫn [ˈɬa̰q͡χʼo̰n] to drum one's fingers on something (for instance, if one is bored or waiting)
U‘lacyon [u:'lak on] (the y is spoken like sh in ship, my mobile phone did not let me paste the IPA-Symbol, sorry for that)

The drums (but singular)

Next: [ab'æron] = ultima ratio
by Iyionaku
25 May 2014 14:06
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Topic: What did you accomplish today?
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Re: What did you accomplish today?

Well, firstly I changed the future system of my conlang Yelian from using an auxillary verb and the gerund to a prefix,
because it didn't seem to be logical anymore.

In the example I will come:
It used to be Re rolai curats, now it is Re rocurai

Secondly I registered at this forum [:D]
by Iyionaku
25 May 2014 13:44
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Topic: Count to 10 in your Conlang
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Re: Count to 10 in your Conlang

Numbers in my most evolved conlang, the Yélian ['ʃɛli:an], 0 ocút 1 mia 2 prena 3 ti 4 perta 5 minca (the n is spoken like in English noun, not like in think ) 6 vita 7 gèt 8 muven 9 náfia 10 fúria 11 miafúria 12 prenafuria 20 prenda 30 tivia 40 perda 50 minda 60 vida 70 gèda 80 muda 90 nada 100 Cút...
by Iyionaku
25 May 2014 13:27
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Topic: Reverse CBB Lexicon Building
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Re: Reverse CBB Lexicon Building

Lao Kou wrote:
CinnamonTrees wrote:Next: hän [ˈhæn] verb, infinitive, intransitive
to live, reside, dwell

Next: dhuprits [ˈðupɾɪts] a noun
An electronic, cold light

Next: tiyva ['taiva]

A verb