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by WeepingElf
06 Mar 2016 18:58
Forum: Conworlds & Concultures
Topic: Symbols of Concultures
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Re: Symbols of Concultures

The insignia of the Commonwealth of the Elves:

by WeepingElf
04 Mar 2016 16:12
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Neo-Akkadian/Kaschdean/A-Leschān A-Labār
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Re: Neo-Akkadian/Kaschdean/A-Leschān A-Labār

Cool! A modern-day East Semitic language! This looks like a good start, and a candidate for the League of Lost Languages.

But you have forgotten the nasals in your phoneme inventory.
by WeepingElf
03 Mar 2016 22:47
Forum: Translations
Topic: Conlang
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Re: Conlang

Old Albic:

chvaracvatha [ˌxwɐrɐˈkwɐθɐ] 'conlang' (lit. 'craft-language')
cvathadera [ˌkwɐθɐˈdɛrɐ] 'conlanger' (lit. 'language-maker')

EDIT: Added pronunciation.
by WeepingElf
02 Mar 2016 17:02
Forum: Beginners' Corner
Topic: What is the gloss for "er"?
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Re: What is the gloss for "er"?

English -er has two different meanings. One is 'one who does', as in baker . The other is 'tool for doing', as in screwdriver . Some languages keep these apart and use different morphemes for these two meanings. Possible glosses are AGN (for 'agent noun') for the first and INN (for 'instrument noun'...
by WeepingElf
26 Feb 2016 23:17
Forum: Beginners' Corner
Topic: One conlang or multiple conlangs?
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Re: One conlang or multiple conlangs?

I have one main project, but it is in a family of side projects, and then I have a few ideas for yet other conlangs. I just can't put all my ideas in one single conlang as i) it would result in an ugly kitchen-sink conlang and ii) some of these ideas are incompatible with some others.
by WeepingElf
26 Feb 2016 23:10
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Con-Script Development Centre
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Re: Con-Script Development Centre

I have a featural alphabet for Old Albic which hopefully avoids the glyphs being too much alike. The script runs from bottom to top, which is admittedly a strange direction but feels weirdly natural to me. Intrafictionally, it is attributed to a c...
by WeepingElf
25 Feb 2016 23:11
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Introduction thread(s)
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Re: Introduction thread(s)

Hallo, I am new here, but many here probably already know me from the ZBB. My real name is Jörg Rhiemeier, I live in Germany, am 46 years old, and my main conlang is Old Albic.
by WeepingElf
25 Feb 2016 23:08
Forum: Conlangs
Topic: Yay or Nay?
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Re: Yay or Nay?

Ephraim wrote:Proto-Norse /p/ (from PIE *p)
WHAT? Ever heard of Grimm's Law?