Sa'u'o Creation Myth

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Sa'u'o Creation Myth

Post by Yačay256 » 30 Aug 2010 21:36

Hello everyone, this is the Sa'u'o creation myth. Questions, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

The Origins of the Creation Myth- The Sa'u'o creation myth's basis probably dates back to the Formative Period, though we know little about it until the Early Horizon, when it was 1st written down.
Summary- In the myth, there
Creation Myth
Part 1
Through great lengths (i.e. long ago), during those distant times, in the beginning, because there was no structure [nor time], all is fluid, and thus the great fluid -which is sometimes and in some places like mud, in some places and sometimes like water, in sometimes and some places like air- spreads across the world (e.g. Tlawasi), flowing in every direction at once, because there is no order, until from this fluid's mixing itself, it is beginning to congeal into a ball.
From that ball hatches the Primordial Frog, and as this happens the ball rises, thus structure is being brought to the world, thus bringing forth the sea, and as this happens, the Primordial Frog dies, and her/his body becomes the beginning of the world we know today, with her/his body becoming: birds in the sky, fish in the water, frogs in between. Yet, as there was no place for all to meet, as the structure of our world was still young, the fish went down to the bottom of the sea and brought mud, and thus the frogs alerted the birds, who went up and cracked the sky so that the soil from the ocean bottom and the soil from the sky could make land. As the soil from the 2 sources mixed, the world was formed, and all copulated with each other, and thus came forth the plants.
From the plants came all sorts of life, and thus the ability to build villages. This is the end of this part of the story.
Part 2
There, in a distant land, then, in distant times, a sapling sprouts in a muddy pit, being fertilized by a dead fish and then a bird feather falls into this hole of the -now fully grown- tree.
This tree was at the navel of tensions between all the animals -who had been fighting over this grown for great spans of time; thus, they needed to end the chaos. Each animal sent a delegate to the tree, where they met.
The frog wanted peace and calmness around the tree but ant wanted to build on it to the fullest extent possible. The fish wanted to be able to eat it, while the fossas had no care as to what happened to the tree so long as they were able to hunt others regularly from it; and then bird flew up to the tree, thus triggering a race to the top to take the tree; the animals fought and raced to the top, until they all fell down and killed the fish, whose blood carried the souls of all the animals into the tree, and thus a wattle pod fell from the tree into the soil.
The seeds fused with the tree, and thus it gave birth to the 1st 8 humans: 4 females and 4 males. As humankind stepped out of their mother, the wattle tree, the animals lost their speech, and thus humans -in taking on some of all the animals' qualities- took on the some of all their duties to the world, other life forms and each other.
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