Magic, Gods and Religion on Yantas

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Re: Magic, Gods and Religion on Yantas

Post by sangi39 » 18 Feb 2019 01:45

Creyeditor wrote:
01 Jan 2019 13:23
I like the combination of several layers of dualism with the idea of four or five elements. In some respects it feels almost alchemistic.
Sorry for the late reply. Only just noticed it [:P]

Thanks [:)] I was trying to go for something familiar (a handful of basic "elements"), but for something I've not really seen done much in conworlds/constructed mythologies that use that sort of system. I wanted it tied in with how the universe works, it's history, and how it affects humanity, not just something that makes up the universe in a vague sort of way.

I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of "alchemy" could be built around this, given the existence of belief-driven "magic" on Yantas.
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