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Re: (C&C) Q&A Thread - Quick questions go here

Post by Salmoneus » 02 Feb 2019 21:06

Well, the cookbook method is actually two methods, iirc - there's a first-principles construction, and then there's a guide based on succession of climates at different latitudes, east coast vs west coast. You can work it out from first principles, but the succession of climates cheatsheet only works if things are sufficiently similar to earth.

You'd have to have a proper map, and it's been years since I did this sort of thing seriously, but unless I'm missing something, a west-east coastline would have to deal with factors like:

- if it's poleward of the polar front and has sea poleward of the coast, the prevailing wind would generally be equatorward over the coast, bringing a lot of rain; if it's land poleward of the coast, the prevailing wind would be away from the land, leading to a lot of dryness

- this would be the opposite way around if the coast is equatorward of the front

- but this could all swap seasonally depending on the axial inclination

- if at any point the coast is directly under the front, you could have a lot of wet stormy territory but with unpredictable weather

- but then also bear in mind the effects of seasonal pressure variations over sea and land.

Iirc, what I've noticed in the past is that if everything is set up "right", you can basically end up with vast amounts of subarctic rainforests, a climate/biome type that only occurs in very small coastal areas on earth. On Earth, the canadian and siberian north coasts are too far north - they're way north of the polar front, and they're basically frozen anyway. But if you move them south, you can make them a lot warmer (particularly if you can direct a gulf stream along them), and a LOT wetter.

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Re: (C&C) Q&A Thread - Quick questions go here

Post by Zekoslav » 03 Feb 2019 09:31

Thank you for this information. I've never had a proper map of the whole planet, since the continent was slowly developed bottom-up, region by region - I guess I should first make such a map and then reinterpret the climate.

The thing about subarctic rainforests is extremely interesting (I could use it to make a super-wet "Australia" by placing it more polewards), since the northeastern part of the continent might qualify - although, if the conditions are such that it receives most of the moisture in winter, I guess that could lead to a quick buildup of an icecap if climate gets cold enough?

As for such a coast near the horse latitudes, I wonder if it would be more mediterranean or more humid subtropical in it's rain regime (think Eurasia without Africa and India, as in the Mesozoic).

EDIT: It looks like multiple regions of Akana might qualify for the interesting humid boreal climate :)
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