The other languages section

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The other languages section

Post by Aszev » 05 Nov 2011 16:55

The other languages section is the section of the forum dedicated to discussions in other languages than English.

Currently there are 5 main IOL forums:
:deu: Deutsch (German)
:esp: Español (Spanish)
:fra: Français (French)
:nld: Nederlands (Dutch)
:dan: :nor: :swe: Skandinaviskt (Scandinavian)

In addition there is also a generic in other languages forum, for discussions in languages other than the ones mentioned above.

What languages get their own IOL forums is mainly based on amount of potential users and how viable a forum in the language seems. The IOL forums are by no means set in stone, for instance, over the years the CBB has had IOL forums Catalan, Italian, Polish, Russian and Finnish. There have also been entire section dedicated to the use of French and Spanish.

Some points of importance regarding these IOL forums are:

• The IOL forums are primarily for discussions in other languages, not about other languages.

• People writing in the IOL forums are under no obligation to translate their posts into English, or even to use English at all.

• In the generic IOL forum, there is no limit to the amount of threads per language. If you want to make a specific thread in a certain language, go ahead make it, and simply add a language code in the topic so people know what language it is in.

• Using the IOL forums because you want to learn a language or just practice it is of course great, but just keep in mind that the original purpose is that they are supposed to be exactly what the main English section is, except in a different language. Despite the lack of frequent activity, this is still the desired use.
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