Unicode/Diacritics challenge

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Unicode/Diacritics challenge

Post by OTʜᴇB » 19 Mar 2017 21:14

I've been trying to figure some stuff out to produce some punctuation that isn't listed in Unicode, but I'm having troubles. I mas wondering if—as a lot of us use a fair amount of diacritics and uncommon symbols—anyone here might be able to have a crack at this.

I'm trying to approximate Bazin's punctuation along with the exclamation/question commas. Here's how far I've got as of yet:
  • Love point: ⸮? ♡̣ < Putting a dot underneath a heart symbol just turns it into a box
  • Acclamation point: Ṿ
  • Certitude point: !̶ !̄ ǃ̄ ǃ̵ < This one and the authority point were tried with the postaleoval click symbol too
  • Doubt point: ɀ̣
  • Authority point: !̑ ǃ̑ !̂ ǃ̂
  • Exclamation comma: l̦ ļ < This L with a cedilla seems to work, but only in the editor
  • Question comma: Ɂ̦
As you can see, the first two have an extra dot. If I could get a symbol that looks like a disconnected heart and put a dot under it, that would work. If there are heart halves then I could put a full stop between them maybe. For the second, I can use the same principle, but I'd need a symbol that looks like a V with the lives disconnected. The third, fifth, and sixth ones are just a matter of diacritics not playing nicely with characters. The fourth and last ones seem to work best here and I'm the most proud of the fourth one.

Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful.


P.S. The sixth one seems to work on the preview, but not in the editor - interesting.
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