Cultural Anthropology vs. Sociology

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Cultural Anthropology vs. Sociology

Post by Shemtov » 23 Jul 2016 00:59

Last semester, I took a Cultural Anthropology course.. This coming semester, I'll be taking a sociology course. To begin preparing, I took a book about sociology from the Library, and there's a lot off similarities. There are differences, but I'm not sure if both kinds of differences are what makes them two different disciplines or if only one is, or if one is more important then the other.
The first difference I see is that Sociology is more interested in applying solutions to problems, which Cultural Anthropolgy has no interest in this.
The second difference is that Cult. Anth. is more interested in a scientific analysis of "subconscious philosophies" and sociology is more interested in analysing the psychology of human interaction.
Are these correct?
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Re: Cultural Anthropology vs. Sociology

Post by Salmoneus » 23 Jul 2016 02:14

I've always thought of the difference as being that anthropology is principally the study of People Who Aren't Us, and sociology is principally the study of People Who Wear Trousers. Of course, over time they've invaded each others' fields somewhat, but I'm not sure that the difference isn't underlyingly one of inherited tradition rather than of subject matter. But I don't know.

But sociology certainly isn't all about psychology. There are many approaches to sociology. If you go into something like symbolic interactionism, that does feel quite psychological; but if you go to the functionalist side, that's quite NOT psychological...

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