Different Way of Doing Adpositions - help request

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Re: Different Way of Doing Adpositions - help request

Post by eldin raigmore » 31 Jul 2019 03:59

Oil In My Lamp wrote:
19 Jul 2019 06:36
.... I had not considered having different kinds of objects, with the exception that I do have an indirect object showing the secondary recipient of some action or recipient of some object (although I would prefer that it not imply a literal recipient, as in specifically receiving a thing, but rather someone/thing involved in the action somehow). ....
If I am not mistaken about my source, and if they haven’t changed it, the SIL Glossary defines (or used to define?) “recipient” as “being or entity who/which is aware of being affected” by whatever the clause is talking about.
This could be the witness in a “show” clause, or the audience in a “tell” clause.
It needn’t be what’s meant by “recipient” when that’s not a grammatical term.

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