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Re: Conlang Conversation Thread

Post by Dormouse559 » 07 Feb 2019 17:25

I mma hansoù ichi, dyun lê mezû a ttrou ttan, swêtya chetta hoza mimma a vveû ê-y a vvottrê famî.
[ʔɛ̃ɑ̃ˈsu ˈʔi.ɕi | ˈdjœ̃ŋ lɛː.məˈzyː ɑt.tʁuˈtɑ̃ŋ | ˈswɛː.tjə ɕɛt.təˈho.zə ˈmɛ̃m.mə ʔɑˈvœː ʔɛː.jɑv.vɔt.tʁɛː.fəˈmiː]
And this song of mine, in three-quarter time, wishes you and yours the same thing, too.

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Re: Conlang Conversation Thread

Post by masako » 14 Feb 2019 15:22

na te sema ha'o ke haua'ihue ma kaliponyahue talapua
I have returned from three weeks in Hawaii and California.

ke kemulo nye emyanko tsakahue nayo malahuye
The experiences were horrible because of what was happening at home.

na ke yomali pako nukuhu
I loathe each new day.

na ke kyo'a ua yesa unyapatse
It seems I cannot know peace or quiet.

na ke tlatso nayo omonko
I ponder my limited time.

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Re: Conlang Conversation Thread

Post by Lambuzhao » 21 Feb 2019 03:10

Æta jall mücirür þeßes Jcclerîces!
eat 2PL.SUB much<COMPAR> DEF.F.GEN.PL icicle.root<PL>GEN
Eat more radish!

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Re: Conlang Conversation Thread

Post by kiwikami » 21 Feb 2019 08:25

An myt-lo Gelen úm Geolá ríz, myt-Màll an er flecht, ab-ma yn soàn trop-Bheoc, fúr attdhán lích-Bhoersélen té úntar-Eorsgorton sageo, soàn-mangeln? Arrá.
a-n myt lo gel-en úm gel-á ríz myt màl an er flecht ab ma yn s/o-iad-n trop bhec fúr a-tdhá-n lích bhort-sél-en té úntar erz-bhort-on sa/geo , s/o-iad-n mangeln ar-á
PFV-1SG with what friend-PL and rutabaga-PL write , using language PFV-1SG RES braid , during long.time while 1/IPFV-INF-1SG reliable road , for PFV-HYP-1SG lend word-string-PL NEG under heart-word-PL create/PL 1/IPFV-INF-1SG lack ? mercy-PL

How have I written all manner of things, in this language that I created, for so long without a reliable way to form non-subject-oriented relative clauses? Goodness.

*salysgí-macch abbà* *seosgí Màl ma mach*
s/o-aly-sí mach abbà s/o-sí màl ma mach
1/IPFV-IRR-RFL make 1/IPFV-RFL language instead make

*should be working right now* *conlangs instead*

Alál has a finite attributive verb system for relative clauses that requires the head noun of the clause to be the first argument of the verb, and has a repertoire of voice-changing gymnastics to get it there. Ngäliv Ëra has a mess of movement and phrase-interleaving going on, as usual. And now apparently this 'Undercommon' thing (still need a new workable endonym but this has far outgrown the Pathfinder campaign for which it originated) allows an attributive verb construction in subject-headed clauses (seocha'n-Man the man who saw me), but otherwise requires a resumptive pronoun (Man an er sech the man whom I saw). Huzzah. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a syntactician but I never took classes past Syntax I in undergrad and now I just do morphophonology and nod my head like I know what's going on whenever people talk about island effects.
Edit: Substituted a string instrument for a French interjection.

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