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Re: Lexicon of Conlangs

Post by Lambuzhao » 01 Feb 2015 14:35

This sounds like a great idea, in the tradition of -

Louis Couturat & Léopold Leau. (1903). Histoire de la langue universelle. Paris: Hachette. (Republished 2001, Olms !!)

Mario Pei, (1958). One Language for the World, Biblio-Moser.

Alan Reed Libert (2004). Artificial Descendants of Latin, Lincom.

Arika Okrent (2009). In the Land of Invented Languages, Spiegel & Grau.

Important steps (which you've covered) include a regularized form of entry, standardized inclusions/main points, equivalent sample texts (please make it somewhat juicy, with a couple of larger numbers thrown in). BTW, are the Almighty Editors & Redactors giving a standardized "Tower of Babel" type text to translate, or are they leaving it up to the individual conlangers? Not to be micromanaging, but I would suggest a standardized text.

You might want to try e-mailing/consulting with Arika Okrent and Alan Libert about 3-4 things they would have liked to include in their books, but could not, for some reason or other.

I am in "consideration of joining" mode.

PS: As long as the info on it could be completed, could :con: of conlagers emeritus be included posthumously? I'm thinking of Elias Molee (Tutonish-1904) and Vito Martellotta (Latinulus-1919), as two examples.

PPS: Wish Yxessoire could be included somehow even if it turns out to be remarkably silly [:'(] [:'(] [:'(]

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Re: Lexicon of Conlangs

Post by gestaltist » 28 Feb 2015 10:36

I like this idea. I won’t join because of your (understandable) high standard required for the submissions. I am not a linguist and I would have to go through all of my grammar and adjust the terminology (tedious) and learn a whole slew of other things (I still don’t know what head marking is, for example.)

Guys, have fun, and make sure to release it as an e-book, as well. I am unlikely to fetch a book from abroad but I would gladly buy such an ebook and put it on my iPad.

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Re: Lexicon of Conlangs

Post by Ahzoh » 28 Feb 2015 11:30

I'm hoping someone will have an example of what this would look like, so I have a template to work with...
Image Ӯсцьӣ (Onschen) [ CWS ]
Image Šat Wərxažu (Vrkhazhian) [ WIKI | CWS ]

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