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Post by Tuslaven Kukristo » 20 Apr 2015 18:14

A short Conlang I made in a night. It doesn't have a verbal system, just script.
This Conlang (Fotojna) was created in order to try to push my mind farther from english.

Word Order: Subject -> Object -> Informative -> Method -> Verb -> Interrogative

Sub categories:
Subject: Stative, Transitive(Grantive/Abrasive)
Object: Directive, Receiver
Informative: Modifier(->Sub,->Obj) Locative, Conditional
Method: Style, Instrument

Each Noun has 11 forms matching the 11 categories, and verbs have just 1 form.
Can't really spend much time explaining the meanings of these. Feel free to ask questions! [:D]

Here's some example sentences:
There is a man on the mountain.
Image(Stative 'Man')Image(Locative 'Mountain')
Does the man kill?
Image(Abrassive 'Man') Image(Verb 'Kill')Image(Interrogative 'What/True')
On the mountain, a man is giving money to a son.
Image(Grantive 'Man')Image(Receive 'Son')
Image(Locative 'Mountain')Image(Instrument 'Money')Image(Verb 'Give')
There is a man.
Fluent: :usa:
Learning: :esp: + :grc: + :rus: + :epo: + :heb: + Toki Pona + ASL
Conlang: Image(Teeverb Kuluxem)

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