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Re: The CBB Conlang Census

Post by Iyionaku » 20 Aug 2018 12:04

As Caelian has finally reached the mark of 1,000 words I'd like to add it to the conlang census. Bath'aso and Paatherye both stagnate at about 800 words so I don't want to add them as for now.

Caelian (2014) - agglutinative/fusional, nonconcatenative, large phoneme inventory (29 consonant phonemes, 10 vowel phonemes + 14 diphthongs) SOV word order with quadriliteral roots, nom-acc alignment, 28 nominal cases and a quite complex verbal system with inflection after subject and object. Distantly related to Yélian (about as close as Spanish and Persian).

Caelian CBB topic
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Re: The CBB Conlang Census

Post by Khemehekis » 02 Jan 2019 08:57

Hey Elemtilas, I've thought about it a bit . . . could you change the description for Kankonian from "agglutinative" to "agglutinative/analytical"?

Kankonian does indeed have German-like compound words, and verbs that form like abamizosen:

was going to be eaten

But all the noun/pronoun/gerund roles (aside from subject and direct object) are marked by prepositions: ad for datives and kinship terms, na for genitives, id for the objects of gerunds, zash for appositives, er for locatives, e for inessives, pai for illatives, zha for vocatives, etc.

An example of the analyticality of Kankonian can be seen in the way Kankonian expresses the Political Compass item "It is natural for children to keep secrets from their parents":

Safin dyu welas id wapishas ab homoses ad mem as orol.
keep by child-PL done_to secret-PL from parents to 3p PRS natural
It is natural for children to keep secrets from their parents.

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Re: The CBB Conlang Census

Post by Frislander » 02 Jan 2019 13:08

I guess seeing how I actually have a thread here now I should add Asta to the list.

Asta - a priori, minimal phonology, agglutinative-polysynthetic, nominals marked for possession, number, noun class and case (adverbial vs. non-adverbial), polypersonal marking, ergativity, rigid transitivty of verb roots, verb-initial tendencies, causative and applicative voices but no passive, culturally semi-neolithic remnants of an advanced civilisation left on an island in a world of oceans.

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