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Re: Tz'airuch

Post by quixoticxenoglot » 29 Jun 2016 03:55

Alternate romanization suggestion:

/m n ŋ/ m n ń~ng
/p b̥ p' t d̥ t' k g̥ k' q ɢ̥ q' ʔ/ p b pp t d tt ķ~ç ģ cķ k~c g ck ħ
/t͡s d̥͡z̥ t͡s' t͡ʃ d̥͡ʒ̥ t͡ʃ'/ tz z ttz ty y tty
/f v̥ f' s z̥ s' ʃ ʒ̥ ʃ' x ɣ̥ x' χ ʁ̥ χ' h/ f w ff s ż ss ş ẏ şş çh ģh sçh ch gh sch h
/ʋ j l ʀ/ v j l r

/i iː y yː u uː/ i ie ü üo u uo
/e eː ø øː o oː/ é ee ő œ ó oo
/ɛ ɛː œ œː ɔ ɔː ə/ e ea ö öa o oa e
/a aː/ a aa
/aɪ̯ ɛɪ̯ aʊ̯ ɔʊ̯ ɔʏ̯ œʏ̯/ ei éi ou óu oi öu

iss "it is"
chiss "I am"
ħeńg "it stands"
scheńg "I stand"


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Re: Tz'airuch

Post by Sumelic » 29 Jun 2016 05:10

secondmoonofuranus wrote: /v̥/ w /ʋ/ v
Huh, that seems backwards to me. But I like the use of <ķ ģ> for /k g̥/ and <k g> for <q ɢ̥>. In fact, if you are doing that, I wonder if it might also make sense to use <ņ> for /ŋ/... I sort of like the look of "scheņg" better than "scheńg."
I guess my proposal would be

/m n ŋ/ <m n ń~ng>
/p b̥ p' t d̥ t' k g̥ k' q ɢ̥ q' ʔ/ <p b p' t d t' k g k' q ḡ q' '>
/t͡s d̥͡z̥ t͡s' t͡ʃ d̥͡ʒ̥ t͡ʃ'/ <tz dz tz' tj dj tj'>
/f v̥ f' s z̥ s' ʃ ʒ̥ ʃ' x ɣ̥ x' χ ʁ̥ χ' h/ <f v f' s z s' sj zj sj' ch gh ch' cħ ħ cħ' h>
/ʋ j l ʀ/ <w j l r>

/i iː y yː u uː/ <i ii ü üü u uu>
/e eː ø øː o oː/ <e ee ö öö o oo>
/ɛ ɛː œ œː ɔ ɔː ə/ <ä ää y yy å åå e>
/a aː/ <a aa>
/aɪ̯ ɛɪ̯ aʊ̯ ɔʏ̯ ɔʊ̯ œʏ̯/ <ai ei au äu ou öu>

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Re: Tz'airuch

Post by Omzinesý » 29 Jun 2016 12:07

Do you have an example paradigm of the cases?
Forming cases by changes of root vowels is very rare.
Arabic employs vocalic changes of suffixal plural and dual marker. It's not a part of the root though and could be considered a portmanteau.
kutaibuuna 'small books NOM'
kutaibiina 'small books ACC/GEN'
That's the only example I know.
How long the words are? Where in a longer word does the vowel change appear?

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Re: Tz'airuch

Post by shimobaatar » 04 Jul 2016 03:29

HoskhMatriarch wrote:I don't actually think the romanization is horrible now that I've been using it
That's great!

Also, thank you for all your responses.

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