The Making Of... A Course For Bløjhvåtterskyll

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The Making Of... A Course For Bløjhvåtterskyll

Post by J_from_Holland » 22 Aug 2016 14:20

Thousands of words. Hundreds of grammar rules. Dozens of irregularities.
Eight cases.
One language.

Teaching a language isn't that easy.
Teaching a language in a way that other people stay interested, is almost impossible.
But I'm going to try it.

I present to you my current project:

A "Professional" and Fun Video Course for Bløjhvåtterskyll

Bløjhvåtterskyll has a complete grammar, multiple dialects and 2500 words. Or actually, a nearly infinite amount of words, because of the gigantic amount of cases, endings, etc...
Is it an auxlang? Is it an artlang? Is is a naturalistic lang? Is it a priori? Is it a posteriori? Well, it is a mix. It certainly is.

That word professional means a lot. I'd like to make a course which is interesting and well-established. And I'm not a telemarketeer [;)] .
So let me explain what I mean. The course should learn you the most important things first, both of grammar and words. So I'm currently doing a grammar analysis which will hopefully result in a good order for grammar. Should I teach the eight cases quite early, or is it a better idea to begin with some verb tenses? The analysis will answer those questions.
I'm also translating a gigantic word list and ordering the words by "theme"-category (such as Tourism, Politics and Food). With the grammar analysis, the word themes, and a list of the most common words in multiple languages, I hopefully can make a course which should teach everything in the "correct" order for Bløjhvåtterskyll. Also, the course will be quite focused on making sentences. No, not teaching a bunch of standard sentences, but teaching the building materials of those sentences: words and grammar. Because of the requirements I want it to meet, I start completely from scratch. It takes thus a long time to establish it, I know...

Okay, that was the "professional" part. Now, lets move on to the Fun part. As most courses, this course will be divided in chapters with themes. Those themes are the "coat stand", and the words, grammar etc. you learn in the chapters, are the coats. Those new words and new grammar should both fit together (a student shouldn't learn many adjectives when he/she can't decline or use them) and fit the theme. Every chapter will contain some texts and conversations (of course fitting the theme and the new words/grammar), and these should make things interesting and fun. And the fact that it'll be a video course, will help for sure. Images, and maybe some animations, should make things more fun. Actually, the videos are the key to keep people interested. Black backgrounds with a bored voice reading up words? Extensive grammar explanations which only interest one person with a linguistic degree? Please no. Colorful short videos explaining one aspect in detail? Funny conversations in Bløjhvåtterskyll? Variating ways of explaining things? Yeah, those are the things that make conlang videos interesting. So I'll try to make the course videos as interesting as possible. I don't have a long-time experience with video making, but people like Artifexian, Xidnaf and NativLang inspire me quite a lot.

That was a wall of text. Won't happen every time here though. Why have I told this all?
Well, because I'd like some feedback (currently 'bout the idea and later on, when the course Youtube Series have started, about the course themselves). Do you have some suggestions? Ideas for conversations? Tips? Please post it here. For now, my questions are:
- isn't this too ambitious?
- what do you think about the "professional" idea for grammar and word learning order?
- do you have some ideas to make the course more fun to watch?
- what should be the first things to learn? What to say when you meet someone? How to order a drink in a bar?

Thanks for spending your time on reading this project/setup/idea/thing/whatever!

By the way,
this is my channel which already contains some videos and some old tries to make a course: ... fUw/videos

I posted this as well on ConWorkShop, where I'm more active.
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