1/2 Posteriori 1/2 Priori Conlang Gelog

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1/2 Posteriori 1/2 Priori Conlang Gelog

Post by Wario Toad 32 » 27 Aug 2016 05:08

Gelog is a Mixed Conlang that could be considered a Auxlang because it steals words from Natlangs and Other Conlang but it's not a simple language with significant Verb Conjugation like German or French. The language is inspired mostly by Germanic Languages.

A - /a/
B - /b/
CH - /X/ and /x/ (Only used at word end or sometimes before T in words with Germanic Origin)
D - /d/
E - /ε/
Ë - /e/
F - /f/
G - /g/
H - /x/ (Has /h/ and /ç/ as allophones sometimes). It's /ç/ when followed by a J.
I - /i/ or /ɪ/
J - /j/
K - /k/
L - /l/
M - /m/
N - /n/
O - /o/ long and /ɑ/ short
Ö - /ø/ or /œ/ (I have a really hard time differentiating between these two sounds)
P - /p/
R - /ʀ/ normally but /ʁ/ after K or T (Word end can be ʁ or the unvoiced version X)
S - /s/
Š - /S/
T - /t/
U - /u/
V - /v/
X - /ɣ/
Y - /ai/ (It can also be spelled EI)
Z - /z/

I might change its Phonology later.

Em - One
Tso - Two
Trei - Three
Kvier - Four
Pfeif - Five
Sez - Six
Zepton - Seven
Ocht - Eight
Nü - Nine
Tei - Ten

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