Faloch Germanic Consonant shift with a Vowel Shift

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Faloch Germanic Consonant shift with a Vowel Shift

Post by Wario Toad 32 » 22 Nov 2016 18:48

Faloch is a West-Germanic Conlang that is spoken in the Republic of Falochland (Faloch: Rych fön Falochlant). Faloch is part of the Erminonic Branch of West Germanic.

Faloch evolves from different dialects of Old High German so Faloch could be considered a High German Dialect but it's vowel system is different from most High German Dialects. Faloch was affected by the High Germanic Consonant Shift quite a bit but after it started to diverge from Old High German it started to have a vowel shift and an umlaut shift.

Nasal: /m n ŋ/
Plosive: /p b t d k g/
Fricative: /f v s z ʃ x ʁ h/
Approximate: /l j/
Trill: /r~ʀ/
Affricates: /pf ts kx/

1. /ʁ/, /ʀ/, and /r/ are allophones of each other.
2. /ɣ/ is a allophone of /g/ and /x/ between vowels sometimes.
3. /x/ is pronounced more post-velar or Uvular than the general velar region.
4. Faloch does have some Palatal Consonants as allophones such as /kj/ being pronounced /c/ and /hj/ being closer to /ç/ there is no Ich-Laut. Ch is always /x/ unless followed by /j/.
5. Dental Fricatives /θ/ and /ð/ that existed in Old High German are rare but do exist in some of the dialects in Southern Falochland. While standard Faloch which is closer to Northern Falochland Dialects shifted into /t/ and /d/.
Compare Dorfo (Village) (Northern Dialect) to Thorfo (Southern Dialect).

Short: /a ε œ ɪ ʏ ə ɑ~ɔ u/
Long: /æ: e: ø: i: y: o: u:/
Nasal: /ɑ̃ ɔ̃/

1. Nasal Vowels /ɑ̃ ɔ̃/ appear when <o> comes before /m/ or /n/.
2. /ɑ/ and /ɔ/ are allophones of each other.
3. Some dialects merge /a/ and /ɑ/.

Examples of Conlang
Ech spraich Faloch.
/εx ʃpraix falɔx/
I speak Faloch.

Dar Fauchëlën fleigt em dar Loft.
/dar fauxələn flaixt εm dar lɔft/
The birds fly in the air.

Ech hop deis Tröm gamocht.
/εx hɔp dais trœm gamɑxt/
I made this dream.

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