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The Phonology Game

Post by gokupwned5 » 27 Jun 2017 12:20

Here is a challenge for all of you that I thought would be a fun conlanging excersize! In this challenge, you must get 2 phonologies and use sound changes to shift from one to the other. Once finished, provide 2 phonologies for the next person to be challenged with. Try to think of at least 3 example words to demonstrate the sound changes.

Here is an example!

/p t k/
/ɸ s/
/m n/
/i u a/


/p b t d k g/
/t͡ʃ d͡ʒ/
/f v s z ʃ ʒ/
/l j w/
/i u e o a/
/iː uː eː oː aː/

Sound Changes
/ɸ/ > /f/
/Np Nt Nk/ > /b d g/ (N = Nasal)
/Nf Ns/ > /v z/
/p t k f s/ > /b d g v z/ (intervocalically)
/V/ > /Vː/ (open syllables)
/i u a/ > /ɪ ʊ ɐ/ > /e o ə/
/iː uː aː/ > /i u a/
/ə/ > Ø (VC_CV, unstressed, or VC_#)
/ə/ > /V/ (if V is in the next syllable. Otherwise, /ə/ > /a/)
/ɾ/ > /l/
/aCa eCe iCi oCo uCu/ > /aː eː iː oː uː/
/aCe oCe uCe/ > /aːC oːC uːC/
/b g/ > /u/ (V_C)
/d/ > /i/ (V_C)
/i u/ > /j w/ (before vowels)
/ti di si zi/ > /t͡ʃ d͡ʒ ʃ ʒ/ (before consonants or word-final)




From this symmetric phonology:
/p t ʈ t͡ɕ k/
/f s ʂ ɕ x/
/m n ɳ ȵ ŋ/
/ʋ l ɻ j w/
/i u e o a/

To this:
/p b t d k g kʷ gʷ/
/f s h/
/m n/
/l r j w/
/i u e o a/
/iː uː eː oː aː/

Optional Sample:

You can decide upon your own if you choose to, just remember to show both the input and the output.

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