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The ZBB Alt-History project.

Posted: 08 Sep 2017 01:10
by Frislander
Basically this is a call for contributors to an alternate history world which is currently in development between me and this ZBB member (here's the ZBB thread for reference.), and we'd really like a few more new contributors to help out with things. The aim of the execise was basically to see how we could enable convincing Native polities in North America without resorting to Il Bethisad-style handwaving, and we decided (after about two and a half pages of discussion) that our main PoD will be that the Gunpowder Plot succeeds, though with the addition of further contributors other earlier PoDs might be brought into the mix. It's also intended to be the setting for my Algonquian a posteriori lang Daléekommos. Currently the main focus is on the resulting European situation in the half-century or so after the Plot but with the right kind of input the scope could easily be widened.

If you would like to contribute you can send me an email at and I can share the file containing all the relevant Google Docs with you to have a look over, and post your ideas either on the thread itself or (maybe) on here.