Font resources for your conscript

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Font resources for your conscript

Post by Bruce » 21 Mar 2018 15:49

When it comes to creating a con-script, one of the greatest obstacles present is the inability to display individual graphemes as anything other than as a picture, whether it be .jpg or .png. A software program to resolve this would have to tackle two problems:
1. The program would have to be able store drawn images for each grapheme
2. The program would link the input of one or more keys to a grapheme.

Does software that fulfills both of these criteria exist?

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Re: Font resources for your conscript

Post by Reyzadren » 21 Mar 2018 22:23

If it is a simple alphabetic conscript, try Fontstruct. It's free and easy to use, though it doesn't have many features. The graphemes could look pixelated at large sizes if you don't really have much graphic design skills (like me).

I personally use Fontstruct to create a .tff font file for my griuskant conlang.
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