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Re: (Conlangs) Q&A Thread - Quick questions go here

Post by holbuzvala » 21 Aug 2019 22:55


Not sure if this helps, but in one of my langs I diachronically generated /ʝ ɣʷ/ like so:

/ɣiV ɣuV/ -> /ɣʲV ɣʷV/ -> /ʝV ɣʷV/

Might work without those final vowels.

So I have /tʰ/ which changes to /r̥/ when bounded by vowels or a word boundary. e.g.: /tʰatʰ/-> /r̥ar̥/, /atʰa/ -> /ar̥a/.

However, I am having trouble deciding what /tʰ/ should become when adjacent to other consonants, particularly stops and voiced sonorants. The current consonant inventory is as follows:

/p t k pʰ tʰ kʰ pʲ tʲ kʲ pʷ tʷ kʷ/
/s t͡s/
/m n ŋ/
/r l ɣ/

Any ideas? /pʰ/ becomes /f/ everywhere, so maybe /tʰ/ could become /s/ in clusters?

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