Telling the time

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Telling the time

Post by Xing » 23 Jun 2012 18:53


What time is it?

It's one o'clock.

It's ten minutes past one.

It's quarter past one.

It's half past three.

It's twenty minutes to eight.

It's quarter to nine.

:con: Wateu

Ko mwea pwata?
PFV what strike
"What is it struck?" / "What time is it?"

Ko pwata teki.
PFV strike one
"It's struck one" / "It's one o'clock."

Ko pwata teki we tegena
PFV strike one and ten
"It's struck one and ten" / "It's ten minutes past one."

Ko pwata teki we ta mare.
PFV strike one and SG corner
"It's struck one and a quarter." / "It's quarter past one."

Ko pwata oro we ta kelo.
PFV strike three and SG half
"It's struck three and an half." / "It's half past three."

Ko pwata palo kumu roategena.
PFV strike eight without twenty
"It's struck eight minus twenty"

Ko pwata uika kumu ta mare.
PFV strike nine without SG quarter
"It's struck nine minus a quarter"

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Re: Telling the time

Post by masako » 26 Jun 2012 13:44


tsima ka
hour Q
/ˈtʃima kaː/
What time is it?

tsima na'o a
hour one
/ˈtʃima ˈnaːʔo aː/
It's one o'clock.

tsima ue'o pue na'o a
hour ten after one
/ˈtʃima ˈweːʔo pʷeː ˈnaːʔo aː/
It's ten minutes past one.

tsima ueya'o pue na'o a
hour fifteen after one
/ˈtʃima weˈjaːʔo pʷeː ˈnaːʔo aː/
It's quarter past one.

tsima tso pue ha'o a
hour half after three
/ˈtʃima tʃo pʷeː ɦaːʔo aː/
It's half past three.

tsima naue'o ma'e pa'o a
hour twenty before eight
/ˈtʃima naˈweːʔo maːʔeː ˈpaːʔo aː/
It's twenty minutes to eight.

tsima ueya'o ma'e sa'o a
hour fifteen before nine
/ˈtʃima weˈjaːʔo maːʔeː ˈsaːʔo aː/
It's quarter to nine.

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Re: Telling the time

Post by thetha » 26 Jun 2012 18:43

:vie: Vietnamese
Mấy giờ rồi?
how.many hour already
What time is it?

Một giờ rồi.
one hour already
It's 1 o' clock.

Một giờ mười phút rồi.
one hour ten minute already
It's 10 after one.

Một giờ mười lăm rồi.
one hour fifteen already
It's a quarter past one.

Ba giờ rưỡi rồi.
three hour half already
It's half past three.

Tám giờ kém hai mươi rồi.
eight hour less twenty already
It's 20 minutes until eight.

Chín giờ kém mười lăm rồi.
nine hour less fifteen already.
It's a quarter until nine.

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Re: Telling the time

Post by Iyionaku » 13 Feb 2018 11:19

:chn: Mandarin

Jǐ diǎnle?
which point change_of_state
What time is it?

Yī diǎn zhěng.
one point whole
It's one o'clock.

Yī diǎn shí fēn.
one point ten minute
It's 10 after one.

Yī diǎn yī kè.
one point one quarter
It's quarter past one.

Sān diǎn bàn.
three point half
It's half past three.

Chā èrshí fēn bā diǎn.
miss twenty minute eight point
It's twenty to eight.

Chà yī kè jiǔ diǎn.
miss one quarter nine point
It's quarter to nine.
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Re: Telling the time

Post by Imralu » 18 Feb 2018 00:15

:tan: Swahili

Sasa ni saa ngapi?
sasa ni saa N-ngapi
now COP hour(CL9) CL9-how.much/many
What time is it?

Sasa ni saa saba.
sasa ni saa saba
now COP hour(CL9) seven
It's one o'clock.

Sasa ni saa saba na dakika kumi.
sasa ni saa saba na dakika kumi
now COP hour(CL9) seven COM minutes(CL10) ten
It's ten minutes past one.

Sasa ni saa saba na robo.
sasa ni saa saba na robo
now COP hour(CL9) seven COM quarter(CL9)
It's quarter past one.

Sasa ni saa tisa na nusu.
sasa ni saa tisa na nusu
now COP hour(CL9) nine COM half
It's half past three.

Sasa ni saa mbili kasoro dakika ishirini.
sasa ni saa N-wili kasoro dakika ishirini
now COP hour(CL9) CL10-two less minutes(CL10) twenty
It's twenty minutes to eight.

Sasa ni saa tatu kasorobo.
sasa ni saa N-tatu kasoro robo
now COP hour(CL9) CL9-three less quarter(CL9)
It's quarter to nine.
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Re: Telling the time

Post by Reyzadren » 18 Feb 2018 05:01

:con: griuskant (without the conscript)

zaeil az voe?
/'zeil az 'vɯ/
time is how.many
What time is it?

shai az 1ae gautulg.
/'ʃai az 'ruske 'gautulg/
now is 1-POSS day.part
It's one o'clock (around 7.12am).

shai az 110 gautulgaen.
/'ʃai az 'rusk'rusk'ʃul 'gautulgen/
now is 110 day.part-POSS-PASS
It's ten minutes past one (around 7.19am).

shai az 3.5ae gautulg.
/'ʃai az 'slidgəz'huitʃe 'gautulg/
now is 3.decimal.5-POSS day.part
It's half past three (around 10.12am).
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Re: Telling the time

Post by GrandPiano » 18 Feb 2018 05:17

:jpn: Japanese

I'll translate these into a polite register.

(I tried to transcribe the pitch accent to the best of my ability, but some of it might not be totally accurate; any unmarked vowels are low pitch)

(Ima) nanji desu ka?
[(íma) nánd͡ʑi desɯ̥ᵝ ka]
(ima) nan-ji desu ka
(now) how.many-o'clock.CL COP.NPST.POL Q

What time is it (now)?

While 何時ですか nanji desu ka seems to be a valid translation and the most literal translation of "What time is it?", it seems more common to say 今何時ですか ima nanji desu ka, which is literally "What time is it now?"

Ichiji desu.
[it͡ɕíd͡ʑi desɯ̥ᵝ]
ichi-ji desu
one-o'clock.CL COP.NPST.POL

It's one o'clock.

Ichiji juppun sugi desu. or Ichiji jippun sugi desu.
[it͡ɕíd͡ʑi d͡ʑɯ́ᵝpːɯᵝn sɯᵝgi desɯ̥ᵝ] or [it͡ɕíd͡ʑi d͡ʑípːɯᵝn sɯᵝgi desɯ̥ᵝ]
ichi-ji jup-pun sugi desu
one-o'clock.CL ten-minute.CL past COP.NPST.POL

It's ten minutes past one.

"Jippun" is the older and more etymologically accurate reading of 十分; "juppun", however, is the more common reading nowadays.

Ichiji juugofun desu.
[it͡ɕíd͡ʑi d͡ʑɯ̌ᵝːgóɸɯᵝn desɯ̥ᵝ]
ichi-ji juu-go-fun desu
one-o'clock.CL ten-five-minute.CL COP.NPST.POL

It's quarter past one. (in this case I just translated it as "It's one fifteen" since I'm not sure whether 一時十五分過ぎです would sound natural)

Sanjihan desu.
[sańd͡ʑíhán desɯ̥ᵝ]
san-ji-han desu
three-o'clock.CL-half COP.NPST.POL

It's half past three.

Hachiji nijuppun mae desu. or Hachiji nijippun mae desu.
[hat͡ɕíd͡ʑi nid͡ʑɯ́ᵝpːɯᵝm mae desɯ̥ᵝ] or [hat͡ɕíd͡ʑi nid͡ʑíᵝpːɯᵝm mae desɯ̥ᵝ]
hachi-ji ni-jup-pun mae desu
eight-o'clock.CL two-ten-minute.CL before COP.NPST.POL

It's twenty minutes to eight.

Kuji juugofun mae desu.
[kɯ́ᵝd͡ʑi jɯ̌ᵝːgóɸɯᵝm mae desɯ̥ᵝ]
ku-ji juu-go-fun mae desu
nine-o'clock.CL ten-five-minute.CL before COP.NPST.POL

It's quarter to nine.
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