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Re: You helped me

Post by Alessio » 18 Oct 2017 20:55

:ita: Italian
Mi hai aiutato a portare a spasso il (mio) cane.
/mj‿ai̯ aju'taːto a por'taːre a 'spasso il mio̯ kaːne/
mi hai aiut-ato a portare a spasso il mi-o cane
1SG.DAT have.2SG help-PART.PASS to take to walk DEF.MS my-MS dog

I glossed "portare a spasso" quite literally, but "spasso" used outside this sentence would mean "fun". "Portare a spasso" is some sort of causative version of "andare a spasso", which means "to go for a walk".
Note that "mio" is redundant. It's quite clear that you're talking about your dog, so you can leave it out (and it would be more natural to do so).

:con: Hecathver/Häħadhvar
Daħi mes goniam tiać strollot merg zubieħeg.
/'daki mes go'njam tjats 'strɔllot mεrg zu'bjekeg/
daħi mes goni-am tiać stroll-ot mer-g zubieħ-eg
2SG.ERG 1SG.ACC help-PAST.2SG to walk-INF.COM my-COM dog-COM

"Tiać" is more of a general-purpose particle used with some verbs than an actual preposition meaning "to". Most of the times, actually, it comes out as "from" in the English translation.
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Tin't inameint ca tót a sàm stê żǒv'n e un po' cajoun, mo s't'armâgn cajoun an vǒl ménga dîr t'armâgn anc żǒven...

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Re: You helped me

Post by TallaFerroXIV » 20 Oct 2017 23:48

:con: Old Laikan

Sälpəttūma myam śuno ātṣon.
[sæl.pə mæm ɕ ɑ:.ts̺on]
sälp-ət=tū=ma myam śun-o āś-ton
help-2.SG.PRF=2.SG.NOM=1.SG.ACC 1.SG.GEN dog-ACC.SG lead-INF
You helped me walk my dog.

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Re: You helped me

Post by Threr » 22 Oct 2017 12:24

:con: Deyryck

daga isèlyoa tyatapa'
dog 1PS-walk 2PS-help-PAST-GOAL:none
You helped me walk my dog.

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Re: You helped me

Post by Evynova » 22 Oct 2017 21:35

:con: K'anerhtówhí

Imrhemúrakef weréúk wishéninwhírh.
/ɪm.r̥ɛ.mu.rɑk.ɛf wɛ.rœ.uk wɪ.sʰœn.ɪn.ʍʏr̥/
Im-rhemú-rak-ef weré-úk wishén-in-whí-rh.
1SG.OBJ-help-NPST-2SG stroll-ALL dog-1SG-H.GEN-NH.GEN

You helped me walk my dog.

-In K'anerhtówhí, it is impossible to have two conjugated verbs in a single clause; nominalisation is prevalent. "You helped me walk my dog" is literally "You helped me with the walking of my dog".

-The two genitive suffixes are used in this sentence. The first one, the non-human genitive refers to the dog's walking (weré wishénrh, "the dog's stroll"). The second genitive, the human genitive, is used to show possession of the dog (wishéniwhí, "my dog").

-While in English, you help with something, in K'anerhtówhí you help towards a goal, hence the allative case.

-Dogs aren't native to Rajnlokem. The K'anerhtówhí have only ever been exposed to wolves, which they sometimes breed to help them hunt, or for meat. Some rich families can however afford to keep wolves as pets. They would call such an animal wishén, from hén, "wolf", and wis, "to cherish, look after". Dogs are really just wolves we cherish, after all.

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Re: You helped me

Post by Creyeditor » 30 Oct 2017 22:43

:con: Project Tri 3
Natarim bat, bagalim klifi.
natar-im bat bagal-im klifi
help\PST.ACT-2SG 1SG, accompany\ACT.PST-2SG bark\A.NMLZ
You helped me walk my dog.

I decided you don't walk a dog or walk with a dog in this conlang. This looks like a weird idiosyncracy to me. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use 'accompany' as the verb in this expression. Now I can derive a relational noun meaning 'with' from it. Yay [:)]
Also a dog is a 'barker', but this might just be a back-formation.
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Re: You helped me

Post by Void » 01 Nov 2017 18:19

Image Symiric

Tásák subul rúinál kiranál rúsud.
[ˈtaːsaːk ˈsubul ˈruːi̯naːl ˈkirɑnaːl ˈruːsud]
help-2SG.PST saunter-INF 1SG-POSS.COM dog-COM 1SG-DAT
"You helped me walk my dog."
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Re: You helped me

Post by Imralu » 13 Jan 2019 11:12

:con: Ngolu / Iliaqu

Ti aio ua jo tuiuzu na jes oko gune.
You helped me walk my dog.
(Literally more or less: You helped that I walk my dog.)

Probably more natural to incorporate dog into the verb phrase in that clause:

Ti aio ua jo tuiuzu oko na.
PRF help NOM.2S.ACS ACC.C walk(TR) dog NOM.1S.ACS
You helped me walk my dog.
(Literally more or less: You helped that I dog-walk.)
Glossing Abbreviations: COMP = comparative, C = complementiser, ACS / ICS = accessible / inaccessible, GDV = gerundive, SPEC / NSPC = specific / non-specific, AG = agent, E = entity (person, animal, thing)

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Re: You helped me

Post by nmn » 14 Jan 2019 22:06


Ḑun z̧órł msérł jon žǯúlmlsn.
2 help-PST CAUS-walk-PST 1 dog-1
You helped me walk my dog

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Re: You helped me

Post by Frislander » 16 Jan 2019 12:08

:con: Asta

yurenyəsə mənə‘rəre‘iyəx mənasən
yur-enyəx-yə mə-n-ə‘re<ər>-‘ə-yəx mə-nasən
2>1-help-PRF 1-IIs-wander<CAUS>-NOM-ADV 1s-dog
You helped me walk my dog

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Re: You helped me

Post by gestaltist » 16 Jan 2019 12:57

:con: Īsmay

Ma dīttobavādh (dham) bis åma.
"You helped me walk my dog."
Literally: you helped me make my dog go back-and-forth.

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1sm	back.and.forth=ADJ-go-CAUS-2sm\AOR.GNO	(2sm)	dog	POSS=1sm.
ma	dita=to-bav-ā-dh 			(dham)	bis	ʕ=ma

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