When I was just nine years old, I fell into a stinky manhole

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Re: When I was just nine years old, I fell into a stinky man

Post by marvelous » 27 Oct 2017 06:45

:epo: Esperanto

Kiam mi estis nur naŭjara mi falis en fetoran kloaklukon.
/ˈki.am mi ˈes.tis nur naʊ̯ˈja.ra mi ˈfa.lis en feˈto.ran klo.akˈlu.kon/
when PRO.1SG be-PST only nine-year-ADJ PRO.1SG fall-PST PREP.INES stink-ADJ-ACC sewer-entrance.hole-N-ACC
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Re: When I was just nine years old, I fell into a stinky man

Post by Alessio » 29 Oct 2017 19:08

:ita: Italian
Quando avevo appena nove anni, caddi in un tombino puzzolente.
/'kwando a'veːvo ap'peːna 'nɔːve 'anni 'kaddi in un tom'biːno puttso'lεnte/
quando av-ev-o appena nove ann-i cad-di in un tombino puzzolente
when have-IMPF-1SG just nine year-PL fall-REMOTE.PAST in INDEF.M manhole stinky

You could use "solo" (only) in place of "appena", but "appena" sounds like a better translation to me in this context. Also, I used the remote past tense, which is technically the correct choice but in spoken language is almost always replaced by the near past (sono caduto instead of caddi), especially in the north. Finally, I glossed "caddi" as "cad-di" but the verb is actually irregular - still, this form clearly shows the root "cad" so I stressed it out.

:con: Hecathver/Häħadhvar
Dau min haħenen hel aluf dodeshd, ħaskem fus nigtunap lawërs.
/daʊ̯ min hake'nen heɫ a'ɫʊf do'dεʃd 'kaskem fus 'nigtunap la'βørs/
dau min haħ-enen hel a-luf dodesh-d ħask-em fus nigtun-ap lawër-s
when 1SG.DAT be.TEMP-PAST.3SG only one_less-ten year-PL fall-PAST.1SG in stink-PART.ATT manhole-ACC

(thanks for making me add "stink" and "manhole" to my vocab btw. -12 to 1000 words in my main dictionary!)
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