Complementiser vs relativiser

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Re: Complementiser vs relativiser

Post by DesEsseintes » 20 Jan 2019 06:09

gestaltist wrote:
19 Jan 2019 20:21
Imralu wrote:
19 Jan 2019 03:10
gestaltist wrote:
18 Jan 2019 22:18
Imralu wrote:
18 Jan 2019 15:58
gestaltist wrote:
18 Jan 2019 11:32
Dal dhālmub (ma) linta sat ǔghem hǔjulu Yakal pak.
I hate how the font here can't handle ̌ properly :-(
What do you mean exactly? It looks fine on my end (or I have lower standards than you...)
Oh wow. I wonder why that is. As I said, it looks as intended for me. I wonder how it looks for other people.
Displays fine on my phone.

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Re: Complementiser vs relativiser

Post by Frislander » 20 Jan 2019 14:54

:con: Asta

(mə‘axmə‘ə‘sun) ‘itəmayə(‘ə) taŋa Tyax
mə-‘-axmə-‘ə‘sun ‘i-t-əma-yə-‘ə taŋa Tyax
1s-IV-touch-mind 3erg-Vs-make-PRF-NOM house Jack
I know that Jack built the house

(mənnatren məxən) təra taŋa təma‘ə Tyax
m-ənnen<atr> mə-xən t-əra taŋa t-əma-‘ə Tyax
1s-see<APPL> 1s-REFL Vs-DIS house 1s-make-NOM Jack
I know that that is the house that Jack built

(because the language has a reported suffix -ra its absence kind of implies "I know", but I've given two alternative constructions for overtly marking this implication)

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