The Celebrity (aka The Illustrious Dragon)

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The Celebrity (aka The Illustrious Dragon)

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"The Celebrity", written and illusrated by Edgar Parker (1961);
music by Gayle Williams (date unknown)

The Illustrious Dragon of England and Wales
Has two awful heads, and eleven long tails,
And nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine scales,
And spangles and warts without measure.

The King and the Queen are as proud as can be:
They often invite him to join them for tea.
No land has a dragon as awful as he!
They think him a national treasure.

Wherever he wanders, there follows a crowd
Of jubilant citizens, equally proud,
Delightedly singing his praises aloud,
And strewing his pathway with flowers.

You may search: high and low, near and far; everywhere:
And find a few demons to give you a scare:
But none of them awful enough to compare
With ours, with ours, with ours.
With ours.


StrangeMagic (aka Henry Lee) translated it into his conlang Eleypherion, wrote it in his conscript, and recorded himself reciting it in his conlang.


As I understand the rules, I can't post it in the "Translations" subforum yet myself; hence here it is in "Everything Else".

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